Tu hi mera: Lyrics, Translation (Jannat 2)

Tu hi mera-mera-mera lyrics with English Translation

Movie: Jannat 2
Music: Pritam Chakraborty
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri
Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan

Tere ishq mein, dooba rahe din raat yoon hi sada,
mere khwaab se aankhein teri, ik pal bhi na hoye juda.
Mera naam tu haathon pe apne likhe baar haan,
Aye kaash ke aisa bhi ek din laaye wo Khuda,
Tu hi mera, mera, mera..

days and nights'd keep immersed in love like that only
your eyes shouldn't separate from my dreams for a moment,
you should be writing my name on your hand again and again..
I wish such a day is brought upon by God..
you alone be mine, mine, mine..

Hai teri chahat, teri zaroorat,
Sooni hai tujh bin, duniya meri,
Naa reh sakoonga, main door inn se,
hai meri jannat, galiyaan teri

I want you, need you,
without you, my world is deserted..
I won't be able to live away from these,
your streets are my heaven..

Ummeed yeh seene mein leke,
main hoon jee raha,
kabhi tu mile, mujh se kahe ke,
main hoon bas tera..

With this hope in my chest,
I am living,
(that) you meet me some time, and tell me,
that I am only yours..

Tu hi mera mera mera..

Tu hi hai kismat, tu hi hai rehmat,
tujh se judi hai, meri har khushi,
tu hi mohabbat, tu hi hai raahat,
lagti bhali hai, teri saadgi,

You only are luck, you alone are kindness,
All my happiness is attached to you,
You're love, you only are peace,
your simplicity looks good..

Paata hoon khud ko har ghadi, tere bina tanha,
mujhe thaam le, mujhe rok le, bhatka hoon main bhatka..

Every moment I find myself alone without you,
hold me, stop me, I am strayed..


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

wonderful song

Anonymous said...

Ws searchin 4 meanin f barhaan.. Got it.. Seems i ws guessin r8. Neways,terific sng.

Anonymous said...

i love this song....

Anonymous said...

love this song! such meaning from true love heart <3

Anonymous said...

I jst luv da song..itz trullllllllyyy so much heart touhing..<3<3<3<3<3:-):-)

Gokul Suresh said...


Anonymous said...

Absolute listening pleasure...(Thumbs up)

Anonymous said...

Thi song is dedicating for my sweet heart raghu.......

Tshewang Tshewangril said...

so Beautiful n Evocative....

Anonymous said...

This song is dedicated for my true love...KrishBble..Where ever ur...always love u..;)

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