Ekla Cholo Re: Lyrics, Translation (Amitabh Bachchan/ Kahani)

Amitabh Bachchan's Hindi/Bengali version of Ekla Cholo re, with English Translation

Jodi tor dak sune keu na ashe,
Tobe ekla cholo, ekla chalo, aekla chalo re,
Aikla cholo re,

If no one answers your call,
Then walk alone,
(be not afraid) walk alone my friend.

Jodi kue kotha na koe,
ore o re o obaghaga, keu kotha na koe
Jodi sobai thake muhk phirae , sobai kore bhoye,
Tobe poran khule,
O tui, mukh phute tor moner kotha,
Ekla bolo re

If no one talks to you,
O my unlucky friend, if no one speaks to you,
If everyone looks the other way and everyone is afraid,
Then bare your soul and let out what is in your mind,
(be not afraid) Speak alone my friend.

Jab kali ghata chaye,
Ore o re o andhera sach ko nigal jaye
Jab duniya sari, dar ke age sar apna jhukaye,
Tu shola banja, Wo shola banja, Jo khud jal ke jahan raushan karde,
Ekla jalo re.

When dark clouds cover the sky, When darkness engulfs the truth,
When the world cowers and bows before fear,
You be the flame, The flame that burns you and banishes darkness from the world,
(be not afraid) Burn alone my friend.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice...By Abdul

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post , love this song !

Anonymous said...

lovely song .......shrenik bamboli

Anonymous said...

written during when Subhash chandra Bose wanted to raise an army to fight the britishers and no one supported him....so its "Ekla Chalo..."

Anonymous said...

who wrote this poem, swear this is mind blowing and amit jee's voice is just icing on the cake. loved it.

tanay said...

koti koti naman Tagore Shahab ko
ye kavita likhne ke liye,
vishal aur shekhar sahab ko,
itna achha sangit dene ke liye
aur Amit ji ko itne sukun bhari awaj me gane ke liye

Anonymous said...

Awsummmmmm !

Anonymous said...

great meaning..

Hetal Patel said...

Real meaning of life

Mangesh said...

Mr.Bachchan was rejected by all india radio for the post of news reader. How could they??? His voice is absolutely sensational.Instead it seems like the God's voice. Such a beautiful & motivational song.Mesmeric lyrics & music. Hats off to Mr. Bachchan. Please keep singing more often such songs for your fans.........SIR

Anonymous said...

Is this lyric in Hindi or Bengali?

Harshit Gupta said...

It's a mixture. But mostly in Bengali. Only a few lines are in Hindi.

Anonymous said...

This is the best song ever.........and one gets motivated by listening this song.

Anonymous said...


At last got the meaning of this song........thank u very much

goken basar said...

thnks fo the trnalation.....its really an awesome song

Anonymous said...

...thanks for the post ..... A really inspiring song ... Love it ,... :)

Anonymous said...

Rabindranath tagore was a genious...the lyrics and music given by him are absolutely bewitching.........

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Rabindranath tagore

Anonymous said...

Modi's initiative EKLA CHOLO RE


william max said...

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Vivek Shah said...

Very inspiring.... After know meaning of this i feel much confidence...

Geethanjali.M said...

Written by Ravindranath Tagore... Originally sung by Kishor Kumar

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