Gulchharre/ Gulcharrey Lyrics Translation [Bewakoofiyaan]

Movie: Bewakoofiyaan
Music: Raghu Dixit
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Singers: Benny Dayal, Aditi Singh Sharma

Aye, fikron ki poonchhon pe hai, patakhon ki ladi
Fitrat patang jaisi, aawaara hai badi
Hum mein to hi hai bachchu, aukaat ainth ki
Pango se pange le lein, dikhaayein hekdi

There is a row of crackers attached to the tails of tensions.
(our) nature is very vagrant, like some kite..
In us only there is, O boy, the __ of having pride,
We can have issues with issues themselves, and can show arrogance..

Saare chhichhoron ko, hum hi sikhaate hain
Aishon ki kunji, likhaate padhaate
Noton ki baarish hai, Sikke phuhaare hain
Bheega hai saara jahaan..

We teach all the frivolous once.
Teach them the guide to revelry..
There is rain of notes, coins are drizzling..
(our) whole world is drenched..

Jebon mein bhare gulcharrey
Raeesi karein gulcharrey
Show-shaan se bhare gulcharrey
Tadi se ude gulcharrey
Ude gulcharrey..

Our pockets are full of pleasures,
The pleasures live like rich..
pleasures full of show offs,
Flying with a trick, pleasures..
We live a high life..

[Gulchharra literally means a flowers' scattering. But then the usage of the word is almost always done as 'gulchharre udaana' which is a proverb meaning 'to live a high life.']

Aye, sapno ke poster wah bhai din me bhi dikhte hain
Satrangi packeton mein market mein bikte hain
Apna bas chale to bhaari si sale pe
Chanda taare na chhodein, wo bhi khareed lein
Betuki baaton ki, tuk hum bana lenge
Hum to jee gham ki bhi khilli uda lenge
Hum na akele hain
Apni ye saazish mein shaamil hai saara jahaan

We see the posters of dreams in days as well,
they (dreams) sell in multi-colored packets in the markets..
If we can do it, we'll not even leave moon and the stars,
and buy them on a heavy sale..
We'll make the tune of tuneless things..
[betuka literally means tuneless, but is used for meaningless things. Hence, it means we'd get meaning out of meaningless things even.]
We'll make fun of even sorrow..
We're not alone,
in our conspiracy, the whole world is with us..

Jebon mein bhare gulchharre
Raeesi karein gulcharre
Shoshaan se bhare gulchhare
Tadi se ude gulcharre
Ude gulcharrey..

Kal ki hum abhi sochein kyun
Jeene ko ye pal kaafi hai
Jo din hai hum ne dekha nahi
Us pe hum kyun bharosa karein
Sabhi ko chhodo sab chutki mein milta hai
Noodle ke jaise sab minuton mein pakta hai
Dum bhar ki khushiyaan hain
Pal bhar mein milti hain
Maang ke dekho zaraa..

Why should we think of tomorrow as yet,
This moment is enough to live,
The day that we haven't yet seen,
why should we believe in it (rather than enjoy today)..
Leave everything. you get everything in moments.
Everything can be cooks in moments, like noodles.
There are joys of just a moment,
Just try and ask..

Jebon mein bhare gulcharrey
Raeesi karein gulcharrey
Show-sha se bhare gulchare
Tadi se ude gulcharre
Ude gulcharrey..

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