Kinaare/ Kinare Lyrics Translation [Queen]

Movie: Queen
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Singer: Mohan Kanan [Earlier: Udaan's Naav, Cocktail's Yaariaan, Lootera's Shikayatein

Dhoondhe har ik saans mein
Dubkiyon ke Baad mein
har Bhanwar ke Paas. kinare..

(We) have searched in every breath
after having a dip (in water),
Near every storm..

[Here, it's mostly like, first they talk about the subject without naming it, and then at the end say it (kinaare) repeatedly for stress on the word.
Basically everything talked is talked about the subject, 'kinaare', that is shore.

Beh rahe jo saath mein
jo humare khaas The
kar gaye apni Baat kinare..

The ones that are flowing with us,
The ones that were special for us,
The shores, said what they had to.

gar maajhi saare saath mein gair ho Bhi jaayein
To khud hi to Patwaar Ban
Paar honge hum

Even if all the boatmen together become strangers to us
(that is, even if everyone turns against us)
Then we will become oars ourselves
and cross (the sea) on our own..

jo Chhoti si har ik neher saagar Ban Bhi jaaye
koi Tinka Le ke haath mein dhoondh Lenge hum
kinaare. kinaare. kinare.

Even if every small canal turns into a sea
We’ll take a straw in our hands and find

khud hi To hain hum. Kinaare.
kaise honge kam. Kinaare
hain jahaan hain hum. Kinare.
khud hi To hain hum. Kinare.

We ourselves are. shores.
Then how can there be less shores.
Wherever we are, there are shores.
We ourselves are Shores.

auron se kya khud hi se
Poochh Lenge raahein
Yahin kahin maujon mein hi
Dhoondh Lenge hum

Why others, we'll ask ourselves only
about the path to follow
We'll find it here somewhere
in the waves only..

Boondon se hi to hain bani
Baandh Lenge Leherein
Pairon Tale jo Bhi mile
Maan Lenge hum, Kinaare.

They're made of water only,
we'll tie the waves..
Whatever comes under our feet,
we'll believe they are - Shores.


masha said...

Hi!! Could you please put up the translation of "London Thumakda" from Queen? Thank you in advance.. :)

Anonymous said...

Can we get the rest of the Queen songs please? :)

Anonymous said...

Raanjhaa too please

Naresh said...

Good translation...Kudoes

Anonymous said...

Great lyrics and translation! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Though the translation is quite literal, the meaning is completely lost in the way the words are put in to context.
Anywho, good job

Anonymous said...

Great job but in the last verse, "Boondon se hi to hain bani", it should be "They're indeed made of drops only".

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