Ajj Mera Jee Karda Lyrics Translation | Badlapur

Movie: Badlapur
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Dinesh Vijan, Priya Saraiya
Singer: Divya Kumar
Music Label: Eros Now

Chhalni kar de seena mera
Chalni kar de seenaa mera
Daag de saari goliyaan ni ajj mera jee karda
Marjaneya ni ajj mera jee karda
Marjaneya ni mera jee karda
Marjaneya ni aaj mera jee karda

Make a sieve of my chest (with bullets),
Shoot me with all the bullets, today I want to,
My wish is, to die..
I want to die today, I want to die..

Mushkil kar de jeena mera
Hanste hanste mit jaaneya ni mera jee karda
Marjaneya ni ajj mera jee karda

Make it tough for me to live,
And still I'll die happily, that's what I wish,
I want to die today..

Rabba mere, mujhe ghar pe tere
kadi bula teri chaukhat pe
De de aur jo dard hon baaki
Rula mujhe rajj rajj ke aaj mera jee karda

O my Lord, someday call me
To your home, your door,
And give me any pains that are still remaining (for me to bear)
Make me cry badly, that's what I want..

Ki ajj mera jee karda
Ki ajj mera jee karda, jee karda, jee karda
Ik waari deedar ko tere
Lakh waari katt jaaniya ni ajj mera jee karda
Marjaneya ni ajj mera ji karda

Today I want,
I want, want today
To see you once,
I'm ready to be cut a million times,
I wish to die today..

Le loon balaayein, balaayein teri
De doon duaayein, duaayein...
Le ja, le ja tu abki baari
Saansein ab hain haari...

I'd take your demons, your problems,
And give you blessings..
Take, take this time
These breaths have now lost..

Ki aaj mera jee karda
Marjaneya ni ajj mera jee karda

Chhalni karde seena mera
Mushkil karde jeena mera
Chalni kar de seena mera...


Anonymous said...

I fell in luv with this song...

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written song. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

nice song ... kya gana hai...

Anonymous said...

Sanansein ab hai haari means I have now lost my will to breathe.
Le ja le ja ab ki baari means take me with you this time (to heaven)

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful song

Anonymous said...

Interesting, very interesting...

Kay said...

Very sweet song but i need to stop listening or singing it cos the wordings are kinda evil.

Anonymous said...

A very powerful and intense song!

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