Chesededho Lyrics and translation | Mukunda (2014)

Movie: Mukunda (2014)
Singers: Rahul Nambiyar, Revanth
Music: Micky J Meyer
Lyrics: Sirivennela seetha raama sasthry

Chesededho chesemundhe aalochisthe thappundha?
Thochindhedho chesesthunte thondharapaate kaadha?
Aachi thoochi adugeyyadha?
Eethe theliyaali nadhi yedhuraithe
Poorthai theeraali kadha modhalaithe
Gelupe vundali thaguvuku dhigithe
Aina levali
Yepootaina Yechotaina nilavani payanam saagali
Raalle unna mulle unna dhaaredhaina kore gamyam choopinchaali.

Would it be wrong if you just give a thought of what you're going to do?
Wouldn't it be quoted as promptitude if you do whatever that crosses your mind
Step into a thing after seeing its pros and cons
One should know swimming when a river is right infront
If started, A story should see it's end
A fight? It should be won
One should rise after his fall
No matter what this journey should go on
Even if you face hardships you should reach your goal.

Pakka pakkane aksharaalanu nilipi unchina ardhamunna o padhamu kaanidhe ardhamunduna?
Needhi aina nirvachanamichhuko jevithaaniki yem chesina!

Even if you keep 2 letters together, when they don't make sense, how would it convey some meaning?
Define for yourself anything that you do

Spashtamga polchuko, Shakthundha thelchuko
Athi sulvuga ayye pana ? Yemanukunna
Kashtaale orchuko ishtam ga maarchuko
Adugaduguna ye malupela padagoduthunna
Kalalaki kallaki madhyana kanureppe addani
Nammakam nijamaye lopuga thappani noppi undhani
Aata ne veta ga maarchadam kaalam alavatani
Gamaninche thelivunte pralayaanne pranayam anava?!

Compare clearly, Check if you have enough Courage/Tenacity/Strength
Nothing is easy
Bear the difficulties, Admire them instead
No matter hwo every turn puts you down
Eyelids are the line between eyes and dreams
There's enough pain in the process of your belief turning into truth
Time would change this game into a pursuit
If you're clever enough to notice, A catastrophe would also be a cakewalk

Pakka pakkane | Repeat |

Sriraamuni baanamai saadinchina shouryame
Chedinchadha nee lakshyamu yamuderaina
Krishnudi saaradhyamai saagina saamardhyame
saadhinchada ghana vijayamu prathi samaraana
Kayyamo neyyamo cheyyaku kaalakshepaaniki
Gaalilo katthule dhuyyaku shatruvu leni dhaaniki
Ohatho nichene veyyaku andhani gaganaaniki
Vyardhamga vadhilesthe vandhellu yendhuku manaki

Your bravery ( like that of Lord Sriram's arrow) would win anything, even if Lord Yama ( Lord of Pitrs) confronts
Like you've Lord krishna's company/support, you would win any battle
Don't patch up or break up with a person just for fun
For the fact that you don't have enemies don't bout your swords in air
Don't throw ladder to the sky with your imaginations
If at all to be wasted, why do you need 100 years?

Pakka Pakkane | Repeat|

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