Sulemani Keeda - A Mini Music Review

Yesterday I saw a mail asking me to review the album Sulemani Keeda, and I got four tracks in a file. The interesting thing, though, was that when I looked for the album, it seemed there were a few more tracks in the album, though most of them had no words. So here is a review of the four I got, and a little more.

Desi Opera, sung by Namit and Piya is one of the most innovative, probably THE most innovative track of Sulemani Keeda. The song is what it suggests, and is slightly funny of course. After all his acts, didn't know Namit was capable for this too. The song is the only composition by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the album.

The Colaba Song, again sung by Namit along with composer Arfaaz, is a simple and earthy one with a light background and sounds nice. The kind that that doesn't demand too much attention and would grow on you if you just switch it on and forget.

The third song with me, Duur, was simple-light-nice too, but this is the kind which you probably have heard many times - One with a guy strumming a guitar in the background and that neighbourhood boy singing some random love lyrics. The one thing I can assure you is that this neighborhood boy has a nice voice and singing pretty good. Rest, well, could be better.

Satellite, the last in my kitty is a little interesting one again. This one has some repetitive words, which would stick in your head if you allow them, though if you are put off by electronica or whatever that music is, you might not let the words hover around long enough.

Other than that, I liked Arfaaz's Sewri capella, and Sarangi Blues made some nice music too. Couldn't stay much with How We're Hanging Out though. Overall, OKListen tells gave me 12 tracks, which can be found HERE.

Overall, Sulemani Keeda IS a different album, and though not always, most of the times in quite a good way. I am guessing that is what they are trying to do here too - create something different. Hope the movie is even better. The trailer is below.

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