Surya Ast Punjabi Mast Lyrics Translation | Action Jackson

Movie: Action Jackson
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Sameer
Singers: Ankit Tiwari, Vineet Singh, Himesh, Arya Acharya, Alam Gir Khan, Neeti Mohan

O na pilaana Punjabiyon ko naap-tol ke
Dil waale hain ye peete hain dil khol ke

Don't make Punjabis drink by measuring etc.,
They are big hearted ones, and drink a heartful.

Surya ast.. punjbai mast
Surya ast.. punjbai mast

Once the sun is down, Punjabis have fun..

[for more details on the phrase, see THIS POST.]

Surya ast Punjabi mast mast..
Surya ast.. punjbai mast

Party-sharty dena aur dilwana apni hobby hai
Apne liye to dil se milna har taale ki chaabi hai

To give a party and make others give a party is our hobby
For us, meeting with heart is the key to every lock..

DJ ki beat sunte hi control dil ka khota hai
Apna entertainment shor sharabe se hi hota hai
Apni adaa hai juda apne jazbaat
Bina baadal ke hum karwa dein barsaat

The heart loses control as we hear the DJ's beat,
our entertainment happens with a lot of noise only..
Our style and our feelings are different,
we can make it rain even without clouds..

Kuch bhi ho jaaye kisi ke baap se hum nahi darte hain
Har ek situation mein winner banke ubharte hain

Whatever happens, we are not afraid of anyone,
we emerge as winners in every situation..

Yaaron ke hote hain yaar hum ishq-vishq pe marte hain
Din bhar kaam mein busy raaton ko poetry karte hain

we are friends of friends, we die for love,
we are busy with work all day, and in the nights we write poetry..

Apne poetry jaise sher ka jawaab
Apni chemistry ke charche hain behisaab

Our poetry is like an answer of the lions,
and of our chemistry, there are countless talks..

Surya asth, Punjabi mast mast..

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