PK - Music Review | Shantanu Moitra, Ajay-Atul, Ankit Tiwari

Ajay-Atul are quite good working with specific needs. Be it Singham's title track which did create a perfect atmosphere (I don't think it's easy to create music that is thrilling and yet catchy), or Agneepath's Shamsheer song. After giving Marathi touch to songs when needed, they this time create a Rajasthani feel to Tharki Chhokro, and boy, how it comes. Plus, Swanand Kirkire's lyrics give just enough of a Rajasthani touch to the lyrics, and there goes the fun song. Nicey nice.

If you thought PK in some corners had shades of Rancho, well, this Nanga Punga Dost sung by Shreya in a fun way might strenghthen your beliefs. But as such, it's a simple, light song with fun lyrics, something Swanand has become an expert at. Remember Barfi title? Swanand is king of fun introduction lyrics, I tell you.

Chaar Kadam is Shantanu Moitra calling on Shantanu Mukherjee, or sadda Shaan, as usual. It's a regular kind love song where the hero talks about the sun and the moon and the regular promises to the girl. Simple and nice, though the slight disappointment for me was that the music of the song seems to be a recreation of Moitra's old zara gunguna lein chalo in a few parts. So I'd say it was not as fresh I had expected.

Love is a waste of time sounds like a regular Moitra tune too, but this one is kinda fun, especially with the interesting lyrics and the added Eastern flavor in the singing. Sonu Nigam certainly is the best person for such fun outings, and he does it with all seriousness. There is no bheist of time here, I say.

The next, Bhagwaan, a Sonu Nigam solo, is probably the best of the album. The song brings together the team that made Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe and certainly has crumbs of music from the 3 Idiots song in this one, but the subject of the song, the lyrics, and Sonu Nigam's touching singing is what make the song wonderful anyway. Not the freshest of the lot, but intense and I'd say honest still. Do not miss this one.

PK Dance Theme that appears next is a simple small theme which you probably have heard already in trailers etc. Reminds me of Barfi theme, though nothing too similar to it.

The last song of the album though, is a surprise. After beginning with Ajay-Atul and listening to Shanatnu Moitra, we turn to Ankit Tiwari with Dil Darbadar and it sounds like it's some different album, maybe a different world altogether, at least in music. In lyrics though, there seems some consistency in the quality and style. Believe it's Swanand only who has reused his dil darbadar phrase from Yeh Saali Zindagi.

As such the song is quite good, and though it doesn't seem as catchy as his Sun Raha Hai Na tu or Galiyaan, the quality of music and lyrics is good and would ensure the song lasts long, especially because it seems that the song would be closely associated to the movie's story.

Overall, PK, like previous Hirani-Moitra-Kirkire albums, has its share of fun and drama. There is some reuse and recycle at work, but mostly freshness remains there in the album. Reduce, though, is kept only for remixes, as otherwise two new composers have been added, and while Ajay-Atul have fit the bill perfectly, Ankit Tiwari may need to blend his music a little more, so while he can bring something different to such movies, he shouldn't look out of place at the same time.

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