Ye Jo Des Hai Tera Lyrics Translation | Swades

Movie: Swades
Music, Singer: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Music Label: T-Series

A song with a patriotic sentiment, that talks about the dilemma of a successful immigrant over whether he should listen to his inner voice that wants him to go back to his native country and pay back to the people of that country.

yeh jo des hai tera swades hai tera
tujhe hai pukaara
ye wo bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nahi sakta

This country of yours, your motherland
calls out to you..
this is a bond which can never break

mitti ki hai jo khushboo tu kaise bhulaayega
tu chaahe kahin jaaye tu laut ke aayega
nayi nayi raahon mein dabi dabi aahon mein
khoye khoye dil se tere koi ye kahega

how can you ever forget the scent of the earth (of your homeland)
wherever you go, you will come back.
in new paths (that you take), in quiet sighs
to your lost heart, someone will say
[the someone here is nothing but an inner voice of himself.]

ye jo des hai tera swades hai tera
tujhe hai pukaara....
ye wo bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nahi sakta..

tujh se zindagi
hai ye kah rahi
sab to paa liya
ab hai kya kami

Your life is saying to you,
you have achieved everything,
what's there that is still missing then?

yoon to saare sukh hain barse
par door tu hai apne ghar se
aa laut chal tu ab deewane
jahaan koi to tujhe apna maane
aawaaz de tujhe bulaaye wahi des

as such, all comforts are there for you,
but you're far from your home
come, let's go back, O crazy one
where at least someone will call you their own
that country of yours calls you..

yeh jo des hai tera....

ye pal hai wahi,
jis mein hai chhupi
poori ek sadi
saari zindagi

It's this very moment,
in which there is hidden,
an complete century,
an entire lifetime.

tu na poochh raaste mein kaahe
aaye hain is tarah doraahe
tu hi to hai raah sujhaaye
tu hi to hai ab jo ye bataaye
jaaye to kis disha mein jaaye, wahi des..

Don't you ask why there is
a two-way fork on the road..
[this represents a dilemma]
you are the one who should suggest the path
you are the one who would tell
in which direction to take, that country..

ye jo des hai tera....

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