Dil Darbadar (PK) Lyrics Translation | PK

Movie: PK
Music: Ankit Tiwari
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Singer: Ankit Tiwari
Music Label: T-Series

One very different song from PK, different from the other songs of the movie that is, composed and sung by Ankit Tiwari. I am not sure if this was intentional, but the song to me seems a little Sufi in nature, as the object being addressed by the protagonist, though not clear who, seems to be God from some lines, and yet he considers the addressed his friend.

Hai maun mein doobi duniya
Tera kissa kaun sunaaye
Jo kahe, tujhe na jaane
Jo jaane, keh na paaye

The world is drowned in silence (because of the sadness)
Who would tell your story..
Who tells (your story) doesn't know you,
and who knows, cannot say it..

[It mostly means that those who have known you are so sad because of your leaving them that they cannot tell your story.]

Khwaabon ka musafir namaazi na kaafir
Saaiyaan ye bata de kahan hoon main aakhir
Ye kaisi hai teri aankh michauli
Mujhe ghar le ja humjoli
Dil darbadar mera dil darbadar

A traveller of dreams, neither a devotee, nor an unbeliever..
O Lord, tell me where I am..
How is this hide and seek of yours,
Take me home, O my friend..
My heart seeks refuge..

[darbadar, literally meaning door-to-door, is used to signify someone who wanders one place to another, hoping for a refuge.]

Tu mera hi saaya
Main teri hi chhaaya
Main tere bina zaaya
Ragon mein bahaa tu
Nazar mein rahaa tu
Magar naa nazar aaya

You are my image only,
I am your shadow only,
I am useless without you..
You flowed in my veins,
You remained in my sight,
But couldn't be seen.

Tujh se hi chal ke main guzra
Tujh pe hi aa thehra re
De tu mujh ko main tujh ko
Jaata kya hai mera

I moved, walking on you only,
and came back to you again..
You give to me and I give to you again,
what do I lose in that?

Ye kaisi hai teri aankh micholi
Mujhe ghar le ja humjoli
Dil darbadar mera dil darbadar
Dil darbadar mera dil darbadar

Main shaakhon se toota
Hawaoon se rootha
Udaa ja raha hoon kahaan
Aa jaaun kahin main
Khiloonga wahin main
Mile mujh ko tu jahaan..

Broken from branches (of trees),
angry with winds,
where am I going?
Wherever I reach,
I will only blossom-
where you meet me..

Aa mil ja mujh se main kab se dekhoon teri raahein
Beeta ek arsa main tarsa ab khol de baahein

Come, meet me, for long I have been waiting for you..
A long time has passed, I am agonized, now open your arms..

Ye kaisi hai teri aankh micholi
Mujhe ghar le ja humjoli

Dil darbadar mera dil darbadar
Dil darbadar mera dil darbadar
Dil darbadar hai..
Darbadar.. darbadar dil hai
Hai dil darbadar
Dil darbadar hai...

My heart is homeless, seeking refuge..


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please translate MAHEROO Song From "SUPER NANI MOVIE"..

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Such a divine,heart touching song.....lyrics and composition awesomely made....and Ankit Tiwari what a soulful voice he have... thanks for translation and meaning

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