Happy Hour Mein Lyrics Translation | ABCD 2, Prabhudeva

Movie: ABCD 2
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Singer: Mika
Starring: Prabhu Dheva, Varun Dhawan
Label: Zee Music Company

o saara saara din guzara intezaar mein
har khushi mili hai meri mujhe udhaar mein
mere to gham bhi one pe one hain free
main kal yahaan tha, yaheen hoon aaj bhi
kal bhi miloonga tujhko isi bar mein

I passed entire days waiting,
I have got everyone of my joys as a loan,
even my sorrows are one free with one..
I was here yesterday, I am here even today,
You’ll find me in this same bar even tomorrow,

O, o, O, o, happy hour mein
ho Doobegi har fiqar pehli baar mein
O, o, O, o, happy hour mein

In the Happy Hour,
every tension will go in the first time,
In the Happy Hour..

dil machaye shor..
khaali glass hai bore..
dil ne zid jo ki hai
baat meri maane- baat meri maane na
zid ki hadd nahi hai
baat meri maane naa..

The heart makes a noise,
empty glass is boring,
the heart has been stubborn,
doesn’t listen to what I say..
there is no limit to stubbornness (of the heart),
it doesn’t listen to me..

na mujhsa koi, there is one and only me
ke bijliyaan si ragon mein hain meri
dauDe current jaise koi taar mein

there is no one like me, there is one and only me,
there seem to be lightnings in my veins,
as if there is some current flowing in the wires..

oon, rand, moon, naal
happy hour mein!

One, two, Three, Four,
in the happy hour..

O, o, O, o, happy hour mein
o Doobegi har fiqar pehli baar mein
O, o, O, o, happy hour mein

ulTe keeDe chhaTpaTa ke tu*
kunDi Daal khaTkhaTa ke tu
panchhi hai, par phaDphaDa ke
p-p-p pinjra toD de
chappal chaTki chaTaai mein
sui gum hui rui ki rajaai mein
par tune kyun dum dabaai
Da-Da-Da Darna chhoD de

O insect, you agonize and
latch the door after knocking..
you are a bird, spread you wings
and break the cage..
the slipper broke in the mat,
and a needle was lost in a quilt of cotton,
but why did you run away,
stop, stop being afraid.

[While this part is more of a tongue twister and has some random fun words in it, the general meaning is that you should not be afraid and do your best whatever the situation.]

O mr. Naidu
rab hai inside you
hoke DheeTh tu pee ja neat
le-le-life ko gaTgaTaa
O, o, O, o, happy hour mein

O Mr Naidu,
God is inside you,
be insolent and drink
the life neat,
in the happy hour..

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