Hafte Mein Chaar Shanivaar Lyrics Translation | All is Well

Movie: All is Well
Music: Amaal Mallik
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Armaan Malik
Rap written & Performed by: Badshah
Label: T-Series

rule saare break karo
jo kabhi na kiya wo karo
party karne ka mood bane to
weekend ka na wait karo

break all the rules,
do what you have never done before
if you are in a mood to party,
don’t wait for the weekend..

arey common ye sabke vichaar humein chaahiye
hafte mein chaar shanivaar hone chaahiye

I want these common thoughts of all,
that there should be four Saturdays in a week..

maine kaha party karo
kehna kyun nahi maante
jeene ke din hote hain
bas chaar insaan ke
sharmana aur ghabrana
ye dono cheezein chhoD do
rules aur dance floor
ye dono cheeze toD do
it's yo boy baadshah!

I said have a party,
why don’t you listen to me..
there are only four days
for humans to live..
to be shy and jitter,
leave these two things..
rules and dance floor,
break these two things..
it’s yo boy Baadshah!

jab ye gaana bajega to
automatically hi tu dance karega
kaan ke neeche de doonga
jo kabhi faaltu bakwaas karega
jisne party nahi karni
they can go to hell
but your boy is in the house
baby all is well
c'mon.. all is well!

when this song plays,
you’ll automatically dance,
I’ll slap you twice,
if you talk rubbish..
whoever doesn’t want to party,
they can go to hell,
but your boy is in the house,
baby all is well,
come on, all is well..

kabhi aisa bhi ho suraj chhuTTi pe ho
ghaDi ke kaanTe muTThi mein hon
in the lambi limo full-on masti bhi ho
saath mein hot beauty bhi ho
are speaker ka volume hazaar hona chahiye

sometime this too should happen, that sun be on a holiday,
the hands of the clock be in my control,
in the long limo, let there be full-on fun too,
may there be hot beauty too,
and the speaker’s volume be at thousand..

hafte mein chaar shanivar hone chahiye
hafte mein char shanivaar hone chaahiye..

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