Main Jise Odhta Bichhata Hoon | Dushyant Kumar Ghazal Translation

One of the famous ghazals by Dushyant Kumar, whose 'ho gayi hai peer parbat si pighalni chahiye' is very popular, and used in multiple places, including the film Halla Bol. In the film Masaan, Varun Grover has written a song that uses the she'r 'tu kisi rail si guzarti hai' as the mukhDa.

main jise oDhta bichhata hoon
wo ghazal aap ko sunata hoon

the one that I use all the time and know personally,
I tell you that ghazal..

ek jungle hai teri aankhon mein
main jis mein raah bhool jaata hoon

there is a forest in your eyes,
in which I forget my path..

tu kisi rail si guzarti hai
main pul sa thartharata hoon

you pass like a train,
and I shiver like a bridge..

ek baazoo ukhaD gaya jab se
aur zyaada wazan uThaata hoon

since I have lost an arm,
I lift even more weight..

main tujhe bhoolne ki koshish mein
aur kitne kareeb paata hoon

in my try to forget you,
I come so much closer to you..

kaun ye faasla nibhayega
main farishta hoon sach batata hoon..

who would carry on with these distances (like some relationship),
I am angel, who tells the truth..

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