Tu Jo Mila Lyrics Translation | Bajrangi Bhaijaan (KK)

Movie: Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: KK
Music Label: T-Series

aashiyaana mera saath tere hai na
DhoonDhte teri gali mujhko ghar mila
aab-o-daana mera haath tere hai na
DhoonDhte tera khuda mujhko rab mila
tu jo mila lo ho gaya main qaabil
tu jo mila to ho gaya sab haasil
mushkil sahi aasaan hui manzil
kyunki tu DhaDkan main dil..

my home is with you, isn’t it?
looking for your street, I found my home,
my food and water comes from your hand, doesn’t it?
[the meaning is that you provide for me, though not literally.]
looking for your god, I found my god..
when I found you, I became capable,
even though it was tough to get, the destination became easy,
because you are the heartbeat, and I am the heart..

rooth jaana tera, maan jaana mera
DhoonDhte teri hansi, mil gayi khushi
raah hoon main teri, rooh hai tu meri
DhoonDhte tere nishaan, mil gayi khudi

your getting angry, and my getting placated,
looking for your joy, I found happiness,
I am your path, you are my soul,
looking for your signs, I found my pride..

tu jo mila lo ho gaya main qaabil
tu jo mila to ho gaya sab haasil.. haan,
tu jo mila aasaan hui mushkil
kyunki tu DhaDkan.. main dil..


Trinu said...

Isn't it..
Searching for your signs.. I've found myself

Trinu said...

Isn't it.
In the search of your traces, I found myself

Unknown said...


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