Ishq Mubarak Lyrics Translation | Tum Bin 2

Movie: Tum Bin 2
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Music: Ankit Tiwari
Singers: Arijit Singh
Music Label: T-Series

ishq mubarak, dard mubarak

congratulations for the love, congratulations for this pain.
[or, may this love be auspicious for you, may this pain of love be auspicious for you.]

teri baarishein bhigaayein mujhe
teri hawaaein bahaayein mujhe
paaon tale mere zameenein chal paRin
aisa to kabhee hua hi nahi...

your rains drench me,
your winds make me flow with them.
the earth under my feet has moved,
this has never happened...

ae mere dil mubaarak ho
yahi to pyaar hai...

O my heart, congratulations,
this only is love...

ishq mubaarak, dard mubaarak
ishq mubaarak, dard mubaarak

aisa lagta hai kyun
teri aankhen jaise
aankhon mein meri reh gayin
kabhi pehle maine na suni jo
aisi baatein keh gayin
tu hi tu hai jo har taraf mere
to tujhse pare main jaaun kahaan

why does it feel as if
your eyes
have remained in my eyes..
which I have never heard before,
they said such things..
now that you are there all around me,
where can I go far from you...

mere dil mubaarak ho
yehi to pyar hai
ae mere dil mubaaraq ho
yehi to pyar hai

jahaan pehle-pehel tu aa mila tha
Thehra hoon wahin main bhi
tera dil wo shehar hai
jis shehar se jaake lauTa na main kabhi
laapata sa mil jaaun kaheen to
mujhse bhi mujhe milaa de zara

where you had met me for the first time,
I am still in the same place..
your heart is that town
from where I never returned once I went there.
almost lost, let me meet somewhere,
let me see myself for a bit...

ae mere dil mubaaraq ho
yahi to pyaar hai

ishq mubarak, dard mubarak

ishq mubarak…

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