Pal Pal Dil ke Paas Lyrics Translation | Blackmail / Kishore Kumar

Movie: Blackmail (1973)
Music: Kalyanji-Anandji
Lyrics: Rajendra Krishna
Singer: Kishore Kumar
Label: Universal Music

A Kishore Kumar classic from 1973 film Blackmail, this song is now remade by Abhijit Vaghani in the film Wajah Tum Ho, where it's sung by Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar, on T-Series.

pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho
jeevan meeThee pyaas ye kehti ho

You are near my heart every single moment,
You call this life a sweet thirst...

har shaam aankhon par teraa aanchal laharaaye
har raat yaadon ki baaraat le aaye
main saans letaa hoon, teree khushboo aatee hai
ek mahkaa-mahkaa saa paighaam laatee hai
mere dil kee dhaRkan bhi, tere geet gaatee hai
pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho

Every evening, the end of your saari seems to flutter over my eyes.
And every night brings a bunch of memories.
When I breathe, I smell your fragrance.
It brings along a mildly fragrant message.
Even my heartbeat sings your songs...
You are near my heart every single moment..

kal tujh ko dekhaa thaa, maine apne aangan mein
jaise keh rahee thee tum, mujhe baandh lo bandhan mein
ye kaisaa rishtaa hai, ye kaise sapne hain,
begaane ho kar bhee kyun lagte apne hain
main soch mein rahtaa hoon, Dar Dar ke kahtaa hoon
pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho...

Yesterday, I saw you in my own courtyard.
It was as if you were saying, 'tie me in a bond,'
What kind of relationship is this, What kind of dreams are these,
even though we are not related, why do we feel so close?
I keep thinking, and say only with a hesitation...
that every moment, you live close to my heart...

tum sochogee kyon itnaa main tum se pyaar karoon
tum samjhogee deewaanaa, main bhee iqraar karoon
deewaanon kee ye baaten, deewaane jaante hain
jalne mein kyaa mazaa hai, parvaane jaante hain
tum yoon hi jalaate rahnaa, aa aa kar khwaabon mein
pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho

You'd wonder why I love you so much,
You'd think I'm crazy, and even I agree to that.
These things about crazy people are understood by those crazy like them,
(like) What's the fun in burning oneself, is understood by moths only.
you just keep on igniting my passion, coming into my dreams
you always live close to my heart...

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