Bint-e Dil / Binte Dil Meaning | Padmaavat

Bint is an Urdu word which means girl, or daughter. Hence, the phrase bint-e-dil means girl of my heart, that is, the girl I love.

Thus, the line 'binte dil misriya mein' means the girl I love is in Egypt. Egypt, or misr, is probably a reference to the African origins of Malik Kafur, the character who sings the song in Padmaavat.

[For the translation of the entire song 'Binte dil' from Padmaavat, please check]

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Anonymous said...

Bint in an Arabic word, not Urdu. In Urdu, daughter is beti, girl is larki, woman is aurat, lady is khatoon. In Arabic, girl is fata and bint, in all and every context is a girl-child or a daughter. This is basically a rather an ignorant attempt of a movie director who made just as indiginified and ignorant a movie itself Padmavati, considering he got even most basic facts incorrect as for Turks-Khilji's origins, the same word is kiz.. so basically, its just stupid on the whole. Where he showed so much 'black', Khili as a turk would have preference for turquoise or blue like most turk royalty in past. Bhansali is just apologizing for utter lack of concept, creation by adding blings to something already created and distortion, in a nutshell, disfiguring history of art and literature itself .

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