Kar Har Maidan Fateh Lyrics Translation | Sanju

Movie: Sanju
Music: Vikram Montrose
Lyrics: Shekhar Astitwa
Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Shreya Ghoshal
Music Label: T-Series

pighla de zanjeerein
bana unki shamsheerein
kar har maidaan fateh o bandeya
kar har maidan fateh

melt the chains (you are tied with)
and make swords out of them.
win every battlefield, O lover of God,
win every battlefield.

ghaayal parinda hai tu
dikhla de zinda hai tu
baaqi hai tujh mein hausla
tere junoon ke aage
ambar panaahein maange
kar Daale tu jo faisla...

you are a wounded bird,
show that you are alive.
there is courage left in you.
against your passion
even the sky would ask for refuge,
if you decide on something.

rooThi taqdeerein to kya
TooTi shamsheerein to kya
TooTi shamsheeron se hi ho...
kar har maidaan fatah
kar har maidaan fatah
kar har maidaan fatah re bandeya
har maidaan fatah....

so what if luck isn't favoring you,
so what if the swords are broken,
win every battlefield
with the broken swords only...
win every battlefield, O man,
win every battlefield.

in gardishon ke baadalon pe chaRh ke
waqt ka girabaan pakaR ke
poochhna hai jeet ka pata
jeet ka pata...

mounting these clouds of adversity,
holding the collar of Time,
you have to ask the address of victory.

in muTThiyon mein chaand taare bhar ke
aasmaan ki had se guzar ke
ho ja tu bheeR se judaa

taking the moon and stars in your fist,
crossing the limits of the sky,
become separate from the crowd.

kehne ko zarra hai tu
lohe ka chharra hai tu

as such, you are just a particle,
you are just an iron pellet, but...

TooTi shamsheeron se hi ho...
kar har maidaan fateh
kar har maidaan fateh
kar har maidaan fateh re bandeya
har maidaan fateh...

teri koshishein hi kaamyaab hongi
jab teri ye zid aag hogi
phoonk de na-ummeediyan, naa-ummeediyan

your attempts will be successful,
when your insistence turns into a fire.
burn away all the hopelessness.

tere peechhe peechhe raaste ye chal ke
baahon ke nishaanon mein Dhal ke
DhoonDh lenge apna aashiyaan
apna aashiyaan, apna aashiyaan...

following you, these paths,
moulding themselves into the marks of your arms,
will find their home.

lamhon se aankh mila ke
rakh de jee jaan laRa ke

looking into the eyes of the moments,
fight with all your strength.

TooTi shamsheeron se hi ho...
kar har maidan, har maidaan
har maidaan.. har maidaan...

kar har maidaan fateh
kar har maidaan fateh
kar har maidaan fateh o bandeya
har maidaan fateh


Filmorial said...

Sanju is a awesome movie

Adminsaala said...

Whoever sung the song Salute...

Unknown said...

Best motivational song ever

Unknown said...

Super motivational song

Unknown said...

Amazing lyrics 👏👏🙌. Kudos to the lyricist

Unknown said...

Sukhwinder singh

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