Jaisi Teri Marzi Lyrics Translation | Manmarziyaan Title Song

Movie: Manmarziyaan [Meaning]
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Shellee
Singers: Harshdeep Kaur, Bhanu Pratap Singh
Label: Eros Music

tere rang vich rang jaawaan main ab abhi
tere sang sang beh jaawaan main ab abhi
sunoon main tu jo farmaaye, jaisi teri marzi
jis paase le jaaye, jaisi teri marzi
sapne wohi dikhaaye, jaisi teri marzi
man se jo tu chaahe, jaisi teri marzi

Let me get colored in your color right now,
let me flow away with you right now.
I'd listen to whatever you say, whatever you like.
I'd go in the direction you take me, as you like.
Make me dream the dreams you'd like me to,
anything you wish from your heart, whatever you like (will happen).

ishq waali arziyaan
manzoor kar diyaan
kar lae gustaakhiyaan
kar lae manmarziyaan
haaye manmarziyaan

I have approved the application of love.
Now you are free to act insolent,
do whatever you wish.

oho... haaye...
mere dhyaan mein, mere dhyaan mein
har vele mere dhyaan mein
ehsaan ve, ehsaan ve
kaise bhooloon ehsaan.
qurbaan ve, qurbaan ve
teri hasti pe qurbaan ve
armaan ve, armaan ve
tujhse hi juRe armaan

You're in my thoughts, every moment.
How would I ever forget this favour of yours.
I'm ready to sacrifice myself for you,
all my desires are now attached to you.

naaz tere main uthaavaan, jaisi teri marzi
jad keh de muskaavan, jaisi teri marzi
ishq ‘ch main itraavan, jaisi teri marzi
sajda karda jaawan, jaisi teri marzi

I'll bear with your tantrums, as you like.
I'll smile whenever you ask me to, whenever you'd like.
I'll show my pride in your love, as and when you'd like.
I'd keep on worshipping you, the way you'd like.

ishq waali arziyaan
manzoor kar diyaan
kar lae gustaakhiyaan
kar lae manmarziyaan
haaye manmarziyaan...

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