Chand pal ke humsafar kuch aur sath chalte: Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Mod
Music: Tapas Relia
Lyrics: Mir Ali Husain
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal

Aadhi adhoori yeh dastaan thi
Abhi tamanna bhi bezubaan thi
Yeh pyaas dil ki bujhi kahan thi

This story was incomplete,
The wish was silent too..
This thirst of heart wasn't yet quenched..

Chand pal ke hamsafar kuch aur saath chalte
Do kadam hi sahi kuch aur saath chalte
Chand pal ke hamsafar kuch aur saath chalte

Co-travelers of a few moments should have walked a little together
Even for two moments, they should have walked together a little..

Hain tarasti yeh nigaahein
Dil bharta hai aahein
nahi koi chahat jo laut aaye
Jo laut aaye..

These eyes crave,
the heart sighs,
there is no love that returns,
that returns..

Tu kaid mein hai apni
Main bhi bandhi hoon
Tute hue insaan pe aakhir
Itna sitam kyun

You're in your captivity
I am tied too
Why so much atrocity
against broken people..

Haq tha mera jin par wahi
Ho.. hak tha mera jin par wahi
Khushiyaan bhi mujhe na mili

On which I had a right,
I didn't get those joys too..

Khushboo teri sanson ki
Faili yahan hai..
Jahan chaloon tera saya hai humdum
Par tu kahan hai
Manzil to thi bas do kadam
Manzil toh thi bus do kadam
Woh mod gaya hai kyun

Fragrance of your breath
is spread here..
Wherever I walk, your shadow is there, o companion,
but where are you..
The destination was just two steps away,
yeah, the destination was just two steps away,
then why is that turn gone (suddenly)..

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