Bhool Jaaun: Lyrics Translation (Damadamm/ Sachin-Himesh)

Movie: Damadamm
Music: Himesh Reshammiya, Sachin Gupta
Singer: Himesh Reshammiya, Sachin Gupta

Aarzoo dil mein jaagi jo
Kaise tujhko bataun
Ae sanam teri baahon mein aake
Zamana bhool jaun
bhool jaun..
bhool jaun...

The wish that has come up in my heart,
How do I tell you
O my love, coming to your arms
I wish to forget the world
Want to forget the world,
wish to forget the world..

Chand bhi poochhta mujhse tera pata..
Chandni hai meri kyon yeh soch ke jalta...

Even the moon asks me your address,
It's jealous thinking why moonlight (you) is mine..

Aaja meri baahon mein wapas,
Apni duniya dikha dun
Dekar tujhko sari mein khushiyaan
Tere saare gham bhula doon
bhool jaun..

Come back to my arms,
I'll show you my world,
I'll give you all the happiness,
Will make you forget all your sorrows,
Want to forget the world..

Bheega sa tera ye badan
chhoo lene de mujhe ae sanam
Bheega sa, mehka sa...
chhoo lene de mujhe....
jaane ko na tu bol

Your slightly wet body,
let me touch it, O love,
a little wet, fragrant..
let me touch (your body)
Don't ask me to leave..


Ae sanam teri baahon mein aake
Zamana bhool jaun
ae sanam teri baahon mein aake
bhool jaun..

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