Deewana Kar Raha Hai Tera Roop Sunehra Lyrics Translation | Raaz 3

Movie: Raaz 3
Music: Rashid Khan*
Lyrics: Rashid Khan*
Singer: Javed Ali
Label: T-Series

Teri bahon mein mili aesi raahat si mujhe
Ho gayi jaan-e-jahan teri aadat si mujhe
Dekhoon main jab tujhko to tab mera din ye dhale

I have got such a relief in your arms
So that I have become habitual of you, my life and world
My day ends when I see you

Deewaana kar raha hai tera roop sunehra
Musalsal khal raha hai mujhko ab ye sehra
Bata ab jaayein to jaayein kahan

Your golden look is making me mad
This desertedness is disturbing me continuously now
Tell me where to go..

Dard ka aalam hai har dum
Tere bin o mere hum dum
Aankhon mein dikhti hain mayusiyaan
Jahan bhi jaun tere bin
Badi mushkil se guzre din
Chubhti hain dil ko teri khaamoshiyaan
Raaz gehra jo hai tera
Darr hai kaisa tu hai mera..

Every moment, the weather is that of pain,
without you, my soulmate
Sadness is shown in the eyes
Wherever I go without you
It's difficult to pass the day
Your silence pinches my heart
The secret of yours is a deep one,
What is the fear, You are mine..

Deewana kar raha hai tera roop sunehra..

Dhul gaye dil ke sare gham
Khushi se ankhein hain ye nam
Zindagi mein tu meri jab se aa gaya
Dil ka armaan banaa hai tu
Meri pehchan banaa hai tu
Sanson mein rooh banke tu sama gaya
Jaan bhi teri, dil bhi tera
Tujhse hai mera savera

All the sorrows of the heart are washed away
These eyes are wet due to happiness
When you came in my life
you have become the wish of the heart
you have become my identity
you have filled in the breathes being a soul
My life is yours, heart is also yours
My morning is due to you.

Deewana kar raha hai tera roop sunehra..


Unknown said...

" soul touching song"
once u hear it, u won't ever 4get it,,,,,, this song suits all those who really have a heart inside with some feeling involve with somebody....... <3

nayla osman said...

i just love this s0ng :)

Unknown said...

Awesome song.......i luv it

Kishore said...

"songs never exists without lyrics" this struck to my mind wen i heard it :)

Unknown said...

good movie but much scary, not suiltable to with kids. bollywood4family reviewed it in detail

thwufail said...

this song is copied from a arabic song

devakinandan said...

lovely song..............luv it

Unknown said...

Lovely....heart touching....just loved it......

CarvenRiser said...

This is the song i ever heard !! i was waiting for this kind of song from long time...... the lovely song !!! i love it a lot :) i'll get tears if i listen to it :')

Raj swami said...

i love this song....bahut sundr song hai..ek gazab ki feeling hai isme....mai is gane ko 1500 baar sun chuka hun..fir bhi mera dil mange mor.....

vishwas said...

is gaane sun kar mein poochna chahatha hoon bata ab jayen toh jaane kaha?

bhoktibhikshu said...

LOVE WEEPS BUT NOT CRY ! So,This is very soft tunes and very suitable for love or separation . It is heart-touching song really. This song shall keep a strong appeal on peoples mind for long time.

bharathwaj said...

deewana kar raha hai yeh gaane sun kar

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

song made for the romantic hearts! Low music,feels relaxed when listening to it.

Anonymous said...

yes priyankaji well said. Makes my day when i listen to this song.

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