Ye joker Aisa Punter: Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Joker
Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Shirish Kunder
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shweta Pandit

Panga na le saale danga milega
Danga naa kar saale jang chhidega

Don't fight with me, you'll be in trouble,
don't fall in trouble with me, there'll be a war..

Yeh joker aisa punter
Jo khele baazi khud par
Hum bhi iss gaddi ke patte
Par apna na koi rang
Haath aaye hum jab kisi ke
Baazi ussi ki buland

This joker is such a gambler,
it gambles keeping itself at stake..
we too are cards of this pack,
but we don't have a color..
when someone gets us,
he only becomes the winner..

Rang de, jung hai

Color me, it's a war...

Boli lagi hai, lakhon hai rang
Ab sab rangenge, joker ke sang
Yeh kaala, yeh peela, yeh neela, le lo
Yeh hara yeh zara de do, de do

There is an auction, and there are millions of colors..
now everyone will be colores with the joker..
this black, this yellow, this blue, take it,
give this green a bit, give it..

Baazi lagi hai, daanv pade
Joker ke peeche shaatir pade
Yeh atha, yeh nawa, yeh dassa a-o..
Yeh rani, yeh raja, yeh ikka jai ho

The game is on, stakes are there,
the clever ones are behind (looking for) the joker..
this eigth, this nine, this ten,
this queen, this king, this ace, the winners..

Pangaa na le saale danga milega
Dangaa na kar saale jung chhidega..

Yay joker aisa punter..
Punter aisa joker..

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blackbird... said...

nyc translation. My hindi is nt strong so I dunno if its ryt or nt. Bt at least I enjoyd what i saw and it makes sense to me.

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