Ishq Wala Love: Meaning of the Confusing Lyrics/ Words of SOTY

When you try to translate the words Ishq wala love for the first it looks crazy and idiotic, because the simple translation of the phrase would be 'love that's about love.'

However, when you see the words around it and give a little more attention to what the lyricist of 'Student Of The Year' is trying to explain, it gets a little more meaningful.

Basically by ishq wala love, the meaning is love that is serious, something that is not an infatuation, something that would not die in a few days, a love that will be there forever, a love that is about love. Ishq wala love.

Hope it makes a little more sense now.

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to post the entire song's lyrics and translation? Please do. :)

Said said...

plzz translate Kukkad Kamaal Da

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