Saari Duniya Ek Taraf aur Ek Taraf Hai Tu (Sonu Nigam)

For Sonu Nigam's fans, here is some good news. Sonu Nigam's next album is coming up, and his next single, Saari Duniya Ek Taraf aur Ek Taraf Hai Tu will be out soon.

The song is a lovely, melodious track, and the video of the song is already shot. Sonu will be seen driving on the roads much like Shahrukh Khan did in Pardes's Yeh dil, one of the very songs that established Sonu as a versatile singer.

The lyrics 'Saari duniya ek taraf aur ek taraf hai tu' mean the entire world is on one side, and you're on the other, more important than the whole world put together.

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