Thaana Mein Baithe On Duty Bajave Pandey Ji Seeti Lyrics Translation

Movie: Dabangg 2
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Jalees Sherwani
Singers: Wajid, Mamta Sharma, Shreya Ghoshal
Starcast: Salman Khan & Sonakshi Sinha

Ready! one two..
One two three four..
Hipp hayye!

Kehtey hain, karte hain jo marji
Sunte nahin hain kisi ki arzi

He says and does whatever he wishes
He does not listen to anybody's request..

Hey karte nahin hum regular duty
Thaana mein baithe on duty
Bajavey haaye Pandey ji seeti
Pandey ji seeti bajave ji seeti
Pandey jee seeti bajave on duty
Aadat badi naaspeeti
bajave haye.. O Shut up..
Bajave haye Pandeyji seeti

I do not do my duty regularly
In police station. Oh yes..
Sitting in the police station on duty
Pande jee blows whistle
Pande ji blows whistle
Pandey jee blows a whistle on duty..
The habit is very bad
Blows.. O shut up!
Pandeyji blows a whistle..

Munni ke sabb ras ley liya re bansee waale rasiya
Haath malat rahee jaive re udd jaave jo chidiyaa
Udd jaave chidiya, ud jaave chidiya
Udd jave chidiya furr..
Maana re maana hamne mana, gazab tora beauty..
Tangg kara na hamka, Pandeyjee hain on duty

The beloved with flute has taken Munni's everything
When the bird flies away, you can just regret and do nothing.
When the bird flies away, When the bird flies away..
When the bird flies away making a sound of Furrrr...
I accept that your beauty is awesome
Don't harass me, Pandey ji is on duty

Jaan Hamari kehte hamko
Jaan se pyaari kehte humko
Jane kya-kya swaang rachaae
Rajkumaari kehte hamko

You call me your life..
You call me more important than life..
Don't know how you dissembled
You call me princess..

Faste nahin hain koi kaand karke
huhaa bhaiya
Faste nahin hain koi kaand karke
Hey marzi jo dekho demand karke

He does not get caught in any scandal
Oh yes brother...
He does not get caught in any scandal
It is your wish whatever you want to wish

Thaana mein.. Hipp Hoye..

Aate hain jab Pandey raaja
Bajta hai tab sur mein baaja
Chor-o-chakke darr se bolein
Uskey badley maut hi aaja

When the kind Pandey comes
the band plays in right tone..
Thieves say due to fear
It is better for death to come than him coming..

Janchte nahin hain waise raar karte
Hoye haye haye haye.. haan
janchte nahin hain vaise raar karte
Arey boge se dushman pe waar karte
Thana mein.. Hipp hoye..
Thaana mein baithe on duty
Bajaave haaye Pandeyjee seeti..

He does not look good while quarrelling
Oh yes...
He does not look good while quarrelling
He attacks the enemy with sack
In the police station..
Sitting in the police station on duty
Pandeyji Blows whistle.

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