Babaji ki Booti Lyrics, Translation, Meanings (Go Goa Gone)

Movie: Go Goa Gone
Music and singers: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Dude, le maar
Baba ji ki booti
Baaba ji ki booti la laa la laa...

Dude, take a puff,
this is Babaji's herb..
Babaji's weed..

[Babaji literally means grandfather, but is used to address old men with respect. It's also used to saints etc., and sometimes there may be opium/cannabis smokers among saints, somewhat like hippies, and here Babaji ki Booti means the saints' weed only.]

Jo bharee chillam bane hum hero
Life lagay film, samasyaa zero
Daaru - bandon ki gandee harkat
Bootee - upar waaley kee barkat
Babaaji ki bootee la la la la

As we fill chillum [a traditional pipe to smoke], we become heroes..
Life looks like a movie and problems come to an end..
Alcohol - it's a bad thing by guys.
Weed - that's God's blessing
babaji's weed, yay yay..

Let me take you to the Baba ji
Sukh kanchan baba ji, dukh bhanjan baba ji
Wonderful baba ji powerful baba ji
Booti-ful Babaji

Let me take you to Baba ji,
Babaji gives joy (pure) like Gold, Babaji ends all sorrow..
Babaji is wonderful and powerful..
babaji is beautiful [the word here also means has a lot of weed as it's booti-ful]

Ho agar kisi ladkee kaa chakkar
Ya ho boss teraa raavan kaa puttar
Booti - har duvidhaa kaa salution
Dhuaan - de frustration mein poshan
Babaji ki booti lala la la..
Babaji ki booti lala la la..

Whether there is a problem related to girl
or your boss is Raavan's son,
Weed - is the solution for every problem,
Smoke - It gives you nutrition in frustration..
Babaji's weed..

Wo dekh, wo kyaa hai? Panchhi hai kyaa?
Naa re paglay, plane
Arey dekh underwear baahar hai, Superman
Naa that is Babajee..
Babaaji ki bootee
Babaaji ki bootee

Look what's the that, is that a bird?
No madman, that's a plane..
Hey see his underwear is outside (the pants), it's a Superman
No, that's Babajee..
Babaji's weed...

Baba ji ki jai ho
Jai ho baba jee kee
Oonchaaiyon ko gehraaiyon mein leen kar deejiye
Aatmaa ke RAM se trauma ka spam clean kar deejiye
Yahaan ameer gareeb mein koi bhed nahi hai
Baaba ke seedhe prasaaran mein rukaavat to hai
Magar rukaawat ke liye saalaa koi khed nahi hai
Samasyaa ke middle finger pe
Samaadhaan ki angoothi - Baba jee kee booti
Baba ji kee booti
Baba ji I love you!

Hail babaji, hail him..
Make heights dissolve in depths,
Clean the Spam of trauma from the RAM of soul..
There is no difference in rich and poor here..
There are issues in the direct telecast of Baba,
But there is no apology for the issues..
[This refers to the time when Doordarshan, India's only TV network used to get stuck and the screen said 'Rukawat ke liye khed hai', meaning 'We apologise for the hindrance.']
On the middle finger of problem,
The ring of solution - Babaji's weed.
Babaji I love you!


Anonymous said...

Best lyrics for a Bollywood song.
☆☆★Go Goa Gone ROCKS!!★★☆

Anonymous said...

best bollywood comedy ever after golmaal , 3 idiots and

also english translations suck not this one in particular(yeah this one as well)but they have been sucking ever since vampires came into existence

Maverick said...

Very nicely done with references. My gf is gori n i have no need to say more to explain her. Thnx :-)

Anonymous said...

Then why do you read them?
And yes, vampires don't exist.

Anonymous said...

hahaha the guy whu wrot da lyrics wud av smokd weed b4 writing it

Anonymous said...

Hmm hmm hmmm... (Coughs...)
Hmm hmm hmmm..

here have some..
The Herb of "Babaji* (Babaji ki booti)
The Herb of "Babaji (Babaji ki booti) lala la la...
The Herb of "Babaji (Babaji ki booti) lala la la...

Jo bhari chilam, bane hum hero
as we fill the chillam (traditional pipe), we turn into heroes
Life lage film, samasya zero
life feels like a filám (film/movie), troubles zero
Daaru - bandon ki gandi harkat, Boooooti - upar waale ki barkat
booze - a dirty creation by man , Herb - Blessing from God
The Herb of "Babaji (Babaji ki booti) lala la la...
The Herb of "Babaji (Babaji ki booti) lala la la...
Asian Female:
Oh o o.. Let me take you to the Babaji
Sukh ganjan babaji, dukh hanjan babaji
happiness Bringer babaji, deflects sadness babaji
Aye aye Wonderful babaji powerful babji
Booti-ful Babaji
Ho agar kisi ladki ka chakkar, Ya ho boss tera raawan ka puttar
if there's girl trouble or your boss the son of a monster(raawan*)
Booti - har duvidha ka solution, Dhuaan - de frustration me potion
Herb - solution for all troubles, smoke - nourishes against frustration
The Herb of "Babaji (Babaji ki booti) lala la la...
The Herb of "Babaji (Babaji ki booti) lala la la...

Woh dekh, woh kya hai? Panchhi hai kya?
look at that, what's that? is it a bird?
Naa re pagle, plane, Arey dekh underwear bahar hai, Superman?
no stupid, Plane, but look, the underwear is outside, Superman?
Na, that is Babaji
The Herb of "Babaji (Babaji ki booti) lala la la...
The Herb of "Babaji (Babaji ki booti) lala la la...

Babaji ki jai ho, Jai ho babaji ki
Hail "Babaji, Hail "Babaji
Unchaaiyon ko gehraiyon me leen kar dijiye, Atma-k-ram se trauma ka spam clean kar dijiye
transcend the heights into depts, clean the spam of trauma away from the soul
Yahan ameer gareeb mein koi bhed nahi hai, Baba ke seedhe prasaran mein rukavat to hai
here, there is no discrimination between rich & poor, though there's a hold up in Baba's live telecast
Magar rukawat ke liye sala koi khed nahi hai,
but, for the hold up, there is no regret,
Samasya ke middle finger pe, Samadhan ki angoothi - Babaji ki booti
on the middle finger of conundrum, a ring of solution - the herb of babaji
The Herb of "Babaji (Babaji ki booti) Babaji I love you!

*Babaji = saint / sufi saint / marijuana smoking spirituals similar to hippies
* Rawaan= mythological 10 headed monster / demon (the Indian festival of Diwali celebrates the slaying of Rawan by Lord Raam (Ramá)

praveen dubey said...

bahut sahi

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