Censoring Lyrics: Laila Teri Le legi vs Tujhe Lut Legi

It's a relatively new trend with songs, to make one uncensored version and then one censored version. Movies have always been edited as part of censor. Dialogs were changed. But making songs again, is new. And recently, it's got common. First with Jolly LLB's mere to L lag gaye which became mere to 'La' lag gaye, which actually changed nothing in the song, and remained as close to vulgarity as it was. Maybe it inched a bit closer to vulgarity, if anything.

And now there is Laila teri le legi. The lyrics were certainly abusive, even if using slang that's quite common nowadays. Here is some detail on the difference between the uncensored and the censored words. [Discretion is advised. Content may be inappropriate for certain ages.]

The words 'teri le legi' imply 'gaa*d le legi' which means 'will f**k you in the ass', though it's used as a slang for making someone helpless. The lyrics as such don't use any such WORD that is abusive, but the phrase, overall, is clearly abusive, and offensive.

Instead, the song now in its censored version goes like 'Laila tujhe lut legi', which itself is wrong, at least the way it's sung. It actually should have been Laila tujhe Loot/Luut legi, which would mean Laila will loot you. As such it seems to retain the meaning of the song, but then the alliteration effect that the lyricist had created here (and which looked good despite the vulgarity) is gone.

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