Khushamadeed/ Khushamdeed Lyrics Translation (Go Goa Gone)

Movie: Go Goa Gone
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Priya Panchal
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Aadhee soyee aadhi jaagee
Din mein dhal gayee raatein
Baatein jaise meethay khaaray
Lamhon ki saugaatein..

Half slept and half awake,
the nights ended into days..
talks (happened) like gifts of
sweet and sour moments..

Pighlaa jo ye din is raushani mein
Milnay lagee hain sohbatein
Mere Rab ko mere yaaron ko
Mujh pay barsi duaaon ko
Dil se meraa khushamadeed

When the day melted in this light,
Friendships have begun to form..
I welcome my God, my friends,
and all the wishes poured upon me
from the heart.. I welcome them..

Sharbatee meethay meethay hain
Din ke ye paimaanay
Pichhlee raaton kay taane-baane
In mein ghul jaanay..
Maasoom koi ehsaas hai yeh
Dil ko milee hai barkatein

These drinks of the day are
sweet, syrupy..
In them, all the webs of last nights
will be dissolved..
It's an innocent feeling,
The heart has found blessings..

Meray rab ko meray yaaron ko
Mujh pe barsee duaaon ko
Dil se meraa, khushaamdeed..

Dil ne ye baahein
Kholeen to jaanaa
Kitnee haseen hai raunakein..

When the heart opened these arms,
I (or it) understood, how beautiful these lights are..

Mere Rab ko mere yaaron ko
Mujhpe barsi duaaon ko
Dil se mera khushamdeed


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Anonymous said...

beautiful song... Just there are too many tough words. Thx bollymeaning 4 explaining:)

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