Lyrics, Meaning and Singing: Sawaar Loon vs Sanwaar Loon [Critique]

Amit Trivedi, for the first time, has a discredit to his name. I do not know if this has happened before this, but for the first time I feel he has been negligent, and the cost is that one of his songs irritates me, and many more, though not all, not even most.

Reason? One of the best songs of Lootera, at least one of the best could-be songs of Lootera, Sanwaar Loon, is sung with lot of irritating mistakes by Monali Thakur, and it reaches the audience like that. Even the title of the song, which should have been Sanwaar Loon, is Sawaar Loon, the former meaning 'I would decorate/adorn' and the latter meaning 'get a rider', if at all meaning something.

This is not all. Bhanvre are Bhavre, Jhonke are Jhoke, Kyoon is Kyoo, and it goes on, e.g. 'Ye saari koyale bani hai aaj daakiya' almost as if the singer got a bad cold while singing.

It's not like we haven't heard such things in the past, but this seems to have happened for the first time with such a beautiful song, a song that could be heard on loop, and remembered for ages, and that is what makes us sad. As for the blame, I'd blame the music director here, as the singer is a newbie, at least to this kind of song, and doesn't boast of Hindi as her first language. But Amit Trivedi is a music director who seems to take every small thing into account, so how he missed the 'talaffuz' in the only version of the introductory song of an Anurag Kashyap movie, is questionable.

Oh, I have beaten the boy to death. But that's the result of killing a must-have-been-a-favorite song. Hope they take care of this in future. Amitabh Sir, I hope you too are listening.


Anonymous said...

hope you take this in the right spirit.

may be, they have tried to 'experiment'? the way 'c-o-l-o-u-r' was once the official spelling of color. may be they have tried to get rid of all the nasal sounds of "koyalein" "hain" etc. know its a crazy theory, yeah. nothing serious ;)

Anonymous said...

Colour is still the official spelling of colour in English...but not in American.

Anonymous said...

amit trivedi intentionally took monali bcuz he wanted a bengali singer... i believe he wanted a bengali accent..

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