Rang Jo Lagyo Lyrics Translation [Ramaiya Vastavaiya/ Atif Aslam]

Movie: Ramaiya Vastavaiya
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Priya Panchal
Singer: Atif Aslam, Shreya Ghoshal

thami thami see saansein
thami thami jeene lageen
hain tum se jo mil gayi
jo mil gayee..

pausing breaths,
have begun to slowly live again,
now that they have met you..

asar ye kaisa teree chaahat kaa
hai mujh pe ho gayaa
zarraa zarraa mere dil kaa
ab tujh mein hi kho gayaa
meher waalaa wo rab barsa hai
jab se tu hai mil gayaa
tujh ko paa ke aisaa laage ke
khud se hoon mil gayaa

What an effect of your love,
is there on me,
every single particle of my heart
is lost in you only..
God's mercy has poured on me
since I have found you..
Getting you, I feel like
I have found myself..

ke rang jo laagyo re
ke rang jo laagyo re
ke thaaro rang..

Now that I've got colored..
In your color..

[literally it is: Now that the color has touched (me), your color.]

rang aisaa geheraa ishq kaa
hai rooh mein ghulne lagaa
chhoote naa..
chhoote naa.. is ka nishaan

The color of love is so deep,
it's begun to dissolve in my soul.
Its mark doesn't get removed..

jahaan ki parwaah kyaa
jab dil ye hadd se aagay badh gayaa
sajee hai duniyaa meree
mujh ko tu nayaa saa kar gayaa

Who cares for the world,
when this heart has crossed limits..
My world is adorned,
and you have made me all new..

ke rang jo laagyo re
ke thaaro rang..

dekho pighaltaa aasmaan
boondon se kartaa hai bayaan
pyaar meraa,
pyaar mera, bepanaah..

See the melting sky
says with the drops [of rain]
my love,
my love is limitless..

jo bhoole se bhi na bhoole
tu aisa vaadaa ban gayaa
tode se bhee naa TooTe
jo dil ka naataa ban gayaa

That doesn't get forgotten
even by mistake, you've become such promise..
(you've) become a relationship
that won't be broken even if we try..

ke rang jo laagyo re
ke rang jo laagyo re manadaa maa thaaro rang hai
ke rang jo laagyo
ke thaaro rang

Now that I am colored,
now that I am colored, there is your color in my heart..
Now that I am colored..
in your color...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such an amazing translation....thumbs up for you (Y)

It's really wonderful...thank u sooo very much for this...the song seemed much more beautiful after reading this.. :)

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

thank u for lyrics

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