Kanha Maane Na Lyrics Translation | Shubh Mangal Saavdhan (2017)

Movie: Shubh Mangal Saavdhan (2017)
Music: Tanishk-Vayu
Lyrics: Tanishk-Vayu
Singer: Shashaa Tirupati
Label: Eros Music

oonchi oonchi Doriyon pe
baandhun re gagar
par na maane na
kanha maane na

I tie the earthen pot on high strings,
but no, Kaanha doesn't stop.
[i.e. he always steals the butter from them.]

jag jo bichhaaye har jaal kaaT le
maakhan churaye har maal chhaaT le
murli se kare aisi trick tik tik tik

he cuts every net that is spread by the world,
he steals butter, eats up all of it.
he does such tricks with his flute.

panghaT ki hai baRi,
panghaT ki hai baRi kaThin Dagar
par na maane na
kaanhaa maane na

the way to the water-fetching place is tough,
but he doesn't listen to us,
Krishna doesn't stop.

[PanghaT comes from paani and ghaaT, and means a place where people go to fetch water, on the river bank.]

roke mohe, Toke mohe
kaaTe re Dagar o re yamuna ke taT ki
laaj naahi, kaaj naahi
maare jo kankariya to phooTe mori maTaki

he stops me, disturbs me,
he stops me on the path to Yamuna.
he has no shame, no work,
he hits my earthen pots with stones and breaks them.

vaak chatur bharmaave
prem jaar urjhaave

he confuses you with his smart talk,
traps you in the web of love...

jo bhi kare, kare sab
quick quick quick quick
kahun main piya ji
thoRa karlo sabar par na maane na

whatever he does, he does quickly.
I say, O beloved, be a little patient,
but he doesn't agree.

kanha maane na.

oonchi oonchi Doriyon pe
baandhun re gagar
par na maane na
kaanha maane naa

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