Shugal Laga Le Lyrics Translation | Chef (2017)

Movie: Chef (2017)
Music: Raghu Dixit
Lyrics: Ankur Tewari
Singer: Raghu Dixit
Music Label: T-Series

ghoome aawaara se mere kadam jahaan
banta gaya bas rastaa
raahi mile jahaan bhi pagle manmouji ko
baRhta gaya bas kaarawaan

where my steps roamed like vagrants,
it kept on turning into a path.
wherever my crazy self found companions,
they kept on adding to the caravan.

(the meaning of caravan here is not the vehicle, but the other one, that's a group of people who move together, a troop convoy.)

meri sunega to agle shanichar ko
paar lagegi naiyaa
aur jo na lage chinta saari chhaD de
sur milaa ke gaate ja

if you listen to me, on the next Saturday
you'll be free from all worries.
and even if you aren't, leave all the worries
and sing with me.

Gam bhula ke shugal laga le
rang jamaa ke shugal laga le
befikar tu shugal lagaate ja
shugal laga le

forget all the sorrows and have fun,
enjoy and have fun,
be carefree, and have fun.

[shugal or shagal means pastime, amusement, any activity. So 'shugal laga le' means something like, Do something, have fun.]

naach le tu shugal laga le
dum laga ke shugal laga le
befikar tu shugal lagaate jaa
shugal laga le, aur gaate jaa

dance and have fun,
have fun with all your might,
be carefree, have fun,
and keep on singing.

aye jaane de fikre
faarig ho jigre
jaane de jo beeta
aane de dil mein
ho ja ab jinde
jee le ab ye lamha...

let the worries go away,
be free from burdens, O my heart,
let the passed go,
now let the new come into the heart,
be alive now,
and live this moment.

kal jo beeta to usko jaane de
na kar koi parwaah bas uR jaa
bas iraadon ke par lagaate jaa
jaa jaa jaa uR jaa...

let yesterday go,
don't worry for it, just fly.
have the wings of will,
and fly, go, fly away.

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