Oye Firangi | Firangi Title Song Lyrics Translation (2017)

Movie: Firangi (2017)
Music: Jatinder Shah
Lyrics: Dr Devendra Kafir
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan
Label: Zee Music Company

saj dhaj, ban Than, chale kidhar
badli hui hai kaise aaj ye nazar

getting all decked up, where are you going?
how's this sight changed today?

kaise Dhang mein tu aa gaya beDhangi
beDhangi, beDhangi, beDhangi..

how is that you are looking sensible,
O senseless?

oye firangi, oye firangi
tu hua firangi, oye firangi

O foreigner,
you have become a foreigner.

ae kachche jehe kanch warga
eh suchche jehe sach warga
aasa mere dil nu teriyan ve
teriyan teriyaan teriyaan ve

fragile like glass,
truthful like truth itself,
you are the only hope of my heart.

naino se paRh le honThon ki tehreerein
ishq milaayega dono ki taqdeerein

read the writings of my lips with your eyes,
love will make the fates of both the hearts come together.

tere rang mein rang jaaungi main berangi
berangi, berangi, berangi..

I'll be colored in your colors,
my colorless self (will be colored).

oye firangi, oye firangi
tu hua firangi, oye firangi

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