O Meri Mehbooba Lyrics Translation | Fukrey Returns

Movie: Fukrey Returns
Music: Prem and Hardeep (Original base song 'O Meri Mehbooba' composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, for Dharam-Veer)
Lyrics: Kumaar (Original lyrics by Anand Bakshi)
Singers: Mohammed Rafi, Neha Kakkar, Yasser Desai, Raftaar
Label: Zee Music Company

afwaah afwaah, ye uRne lagi afwaah
main hoon inki, hai shor khaamakha
jhooThe aashiq aur jhooThi hai charcha
bolein kuchh bhi, hai mujhko nahi parwaah

rumor, rumor, this rumor is going around,
that I belong to him, it's a noise for no reason.
it's false lovers and false talk,
whatever people say, I don't care.

wanna love me
wanna wanna love me

o meri mehbooba!

O my beloved.

firdaus dil behosh dil
tere ishq mein Dooba

this heart, intoxicated, feeling in paradise,
has drowned in your love.

O meri mehbooba
mehbooba mehbooba...

meri meri meri mehbooba
teri teri teri aankhon mein dooba
tu gehra samundar hai ya hai ajooba
main mar hi naa jaaun
naa uthoon main subah

O my beloved,
it's drowned in your eyes,
are you a deep ocean, or some wonder?
I hope I don't die,
just not getting up in the morning.

na kar mere dil ke tu tukRe
na Taal tu bol ke fukrey
dekho bas itni hai baat
launDa smart hai
bas thoRi aadatein kharab hain

don't break my heart into pieces,
don't cast me aside calling me a loafer.
see, the thing is just that
the boy is smart,
it's just that he has some bad habits.

bigRi bigRi badmaashiyaan inki
mash-hoor kitni ayyaashiyaan inki
mere peechhe barbaad rehte hain
keh doon inse yehi baat kehte hain

their mischiefs are so spoiled,
their indulgences are so famous.
they are ruined for me,
they just want me to say to them —

wanna love me
wanna wanna love me

o meri mehbooba
mehbooba mehbooba
tujhe jaana hai to jaa
teri marzi mera kya

O my beloved,
beloved, O beloved,
if you have to go, go,
it's your wish, what can I do about it.

o meri mehbooba

firdaus dil behosh dil
tere ishq mein Dooba

main nahi mehbooba
nahi teri mehbooba

I'm not your beloved,
not your beloved,

tujhe jaana hai to ja
teri marzi mera kya

sunke maza hai na aata
waise aise na main kisi ko paTaata
aise aashiqon ko kaun satata
jaana hai to ja tujhe bye bye Ta-Ta

I don't like listening to this,
as such, I don't try to get anyone like this.
who troubles such lovers (as I am),
but if you have to go, bye.

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