Sahiba Russ Gaiya Lyrics Translation | Firangi

Movie: Firangi
Music: Jatinder Shah
Lyrics: Dr Devendra Kafir
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Label: Zee Music Company

nain nain se kuch na boley
raina na darwaza kholey
chhup chhup ke kyun roye mann ki maina
pyar ni hota maashe-tole
sabse wakhre iske chole
aR jaaye te phir na maane kehna

eyes say nothing to eyes,
she doesn't open the door at night,
why does the sparrow of the heart cry in hiding?
love doesn't happen in bits
(masha and tola are old small units for weighing jewellery etc.)
its colors are different from all.
(chola literally means a robe. The meaning here is that it changes colors.)
it doesn't listen to anyone if it becomes stubborn.

ja nahi bolNa
main nahi bolNa
ja nahi bolNa ja
ja nahi bolNa...

Go, I'll not talk to you.

tenu koi khabar nahi mirza
koi joR khul gaya hai dil da
hatthan ‘cho ishqe di mehndi
thoRi chhuT gaiyaa..

You don't have any idea, O beloved,
some joint of the heart seems to have broken,
henna of love in the palms
seems to have been wiped a little.

sahiba rus gaiyan, rus gaiyaan
sahiba rus gaiyaan

my beloved seems to have become upset.

[The last talks about Mirza, and this line talks about Sahibaan, both characters from the classic love story of Mirza and Sahibaan.]

kya khoya, kitna khoya, kya hai paaya,
kis jagah pe pyaar mujhko leke aaya
dil mera waang jogiya rulya
mujhko to apna naam hi bhulya
phir bhi raaz-e-ishq na khulya
ki karaan, ki karaan
chaar dina di jindaRi
do din jee ke ruk gaiyaan

what have I lost, how much, and what have I found,
where has love brought me?
my heart has turned into an ascetic and cries,
I have forgotten even my name,
still, the secret of love is not opened.
what shall I do, what shall I do?
this life is just four days long (i.e. very short),
seems to have stopped after two days only.

saeba rus gaiyaan, rus gaiyaan
saiba rus gaiyaan

man-Ne nu te man javaan
par dil chandre nu
channa das kivein samjhawaan

as such, I'll console myself,
but how do I explain to this crazy heart?

sahiba rus gaiyaan, rus gaiyan
sahiba rus gaiyaan

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