Tere Liye (7 Khoon Maaf) Lyrics, Meanings, Translation (Suresh Wadkar)

tere liye, tere liye, tere liye
lafzon mein lamhon ki doliyan laye hain,
lafzon mein lamhon ki doliyan laye hain, laye hain
sheron mein khushboo ki, boliyan laye hai,
sheron mein khushboo ki, boliyan laye hai, laye hain
humne to sau saude kiye, tere liye

for you, for you,
(we) have got the palanquins* of moments in words,
(we) have got the languages of scents in poetries,
we (actually means I here) made a hundred deals, for you..

(Doli is a palanquin that is used to carry a bride after wedding)

aankhon mein na chubhe, taaron ki kirchiyan
sheeshe ka aasma laye hai, tere liye
tere liye tare jade, heeron se bhi kitne bade
humne aasmano mein lakhon ke saude kiye
tere liye tere liye tere liye

(so that) the pieces of stars don't prick (your) eyes,
(we) have got a sky of glass, for you,
for you we inlaid stars, so much bigger than even diamonds,
we made deals of lacs in the skies,
for you, for you...

halki si sardi ho aur saans garam ho
shaamon ki shawl bhi thodi si narm ho
tere liye kishmish chuni piste chune tere liye
humne to parindo se baagon ke saude kiye tere liye
tere liye...

there be a little cold and breath be hot,
the shawl of evenings be slightly soft,
(we) picked raisins, picked pistachios for you,
we made deals of gardens with birds, for you..
for you...


Anonymous said...

I'm monica from Indonesia. I love hindi song. Thanks for share this song. Love this song ! Its a very nice song !
I dedicated this song for someone special in my life.. For you Haseeb Ahmed..

nikita said...

LOVE THIS SONG SOOOO MUCH... i'm dedicated this song for my love, Budi Prasetyo.. tere liye, love.. nikita - indonesia

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