Ik Daur Tha, Man Mor Tha Lyrics Translation [Google Reunion]

Once in a while, we see advertising that touches our hearts. Most of such advertising also has some heart touching music. Here is another advertisement in the list, this one by Google.

Both, the video and the song, are lovely. Music is created by Clinton Cerejo, Piyush Mishra is of course the singer, and the lyrics are written by Neelesh Jain, who is a creative director at Ogilvy and Mather. Do watch, and listen.

bachpane ki tang gali phir se koode phaande
chhoti chhoti meethi chori gaanth leke baandhe
ik patang sa udta tha parindon ki tarah
ek daur tha.. man man mor tha..

The narrow street of my childhood is jumping once again,
it ties (and keeps) the small sweet thefts (of childhood) in a bale..
it used to fly like a kite, (free) like birds,
there was a time, when the heart used to be like a peacock..

[The second line is a reference to the thefts of sweets from Yusuf's shop. Peacock here means the heart was free and joyful like peacocks dancing in rains.]

kaagazon ki kashtiyon mein dooba rehta tha
jhaankti khidkiyon mein uljha rehta tha
wo bhi kya daur tha man pe na jor tha
ek daur tha, man man mor tha..

It used to remain submerged in paper boats,
used to remain busy with peeping windows,
ah, what time it was, there was no restriction over the heart..
there was a time, when the heart used to be like a peacock..


Unknown said...

Is this song available for download??

Unknown said...

Is this song available for download? If it is, can u give the link, please!

Ash said...


this is the link...enjoy the song.. :)

Anonymous said...

It doesnt work

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!, the link does work

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work.. Any direct link?

Unknown said...


go to that link.
right click the screen and click save as.


arnab said...


Shoaib said...

How beautiful is this... we are using Google to search for the google reuninon song... :)

raj said...

Difficult to withhold tears particularly when heard with video!

Anonymous said...

One of the Best ads on Love & Brotherhood!!!

Hope this message of Love & Brotherhood reaches millions of Indians & Pakistanis... and may this region prosper with new hope of a brighter day...!!!

Anonymous said...

Tujhse Door Jo Hota Hoon... please, by nagendra verma! it is SOOO AWESOME!

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you BollyMeaning for listing and explaining this song. I am as old as the two protoganists in the ad, and had studied Hindi for 8 years, about fifty years ago. It is not my mother tongue, and I am not fluent in the language.... Hence could I not appreciate the subtleties of the words. But the song has deep significance for me, as I was born in Simla, at the time of partition. Again, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude at your kind posting.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What is the plucked string instrument so prominent in the song?

Unknown said...

Thank you :)

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