OFFO Meaning, Lyrics Translation [2 States]

Movie: 2 States
Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers: Aditi Singh Sharma, Amitabh Bhattacharya

'Offo!' is quite a common expression in Hindi-Urdu speaking regions, used for expressing the feeling for something that is just too much, something like Oh My God, Oh Man!, etc.

Dil ka dimaag se
Jhagda lagaaya kaise
Peechhe ke darwaaze se..
Dabe paanv aaya kaise
Thoda sa kameena
Thoda bechaara hai
Ishq bhoot sahi par ye
Bhoot badaa hi pyaara hai

How was a fight was planted
between the heart and mind.
From the back door,
how it came inside..
A little mean,
a little poor,
this love is a ghost,
but it's such a lovely ghost..

Offo! ise.. ise daant ke bhagaaun
Offo! Ya.. ya seene se lagaaun
Sar pe bithaaun, ya thappad lagaaun

O my! should I scold and send it back..
Or should I embrace it..
should I put it on my head, or should I slap it!
O my, my!

Dekho le ke aaya hai, pocket mein sharaaratein
Tere jaisi hai zaraa, is ki bhi aadatein
Upar se garam hai
Andar se naram hai
Thoda shareef bhi hai thoda
Thoda sa besharam hai
hai hai...

See it has brought mischieves in pockets.
It's habits are like yours too.
It's hot from above,
and soft inside.
It's a little decent,
and a little shameless..

Offo! ...

Hairat ko bhi hairaaniyaan hone lagin
Ab hosh mein nadaaniyan hone lageen
Baithe hain dil ek dillagi pe haar ke
Mehengi badi manmaaniyan hone lagin

Even the surprise is surprised now,
even in consciusness, I make mistakes,
I am here, having lost my heart on a funniment,
This wilfulness is turning out to be expensive..

[as in, I was taking this lightly, but this fun has turned into love.]

Yaari ke bahaane kandha sehlaata hai
Phir mauka milte hi ye par phailaata hai
Haathon ke paar hi is ka ishaara hai
Ishq bhoot sahi par ye bhoot bada hi pyara hai

He strokes my shoulder under the name of friendship,
Then when it gets a change, it spreads its wings.
Its signal is beyond the range of hands only,
this love is a ghost, but it's such a lovely ghost..

Offo! ...


Anonymous said...

Ya.. but this is the literal translation. Watching the video and lyrics , i think the song has a deep meaning = like "pocket mein shararatein"??
what the heck does it mean?

Harshit Gupta said...

Well, yes, it's a literal translation, but then it's a very average song with not so much of 'deep' meaning. It's just for fun types.

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