Naa kanti choopulloki lyrics and translation | LEGEND (2014)

Movie: Legend (2014)
Music: DSP
Lyrics: Ramajogaiah sastry.

Nee kanti choopulloki naa praanam cherindhe, ye maaya chesaave?
Nee vende vennelloki naa gunde jaarindhe, yem manthram vesaave?
Samayame ika theliyananthaga, manasuni atu itu kammesaave!
Palu yugalaku thanivi theerani kalala thalupulu therichinaave!

Into your sight, reached is my soul now , what magic have you done?
Into your brightness, my heart slid in unobtrusively/quietly, what chants did you use?
You've shadowed my heart making me not bother about the time

Nee kanti choopulloki | Repeat |

Choosekoddhi choodaalantu choopu nee vaipu poneekunda pattesaave
Icchekoddhi ivvaalantu naakai nene nuvvaipoyela chuttesaave
Ontaraina lokam, nindepoye neevuga
Ippudunna kaalam yeppudaina ledhuga.
Oopiri lo chirunavvalle neekosam nene unna
Naa prema desam neeke nenu raasicchukunna

My craving for seeing you increases everytime I see you, without letting ne see anything
I myself have become you and twisted around for giving (my heart, body and soul)
Though the world is alone/empty, it is filled with you
I'm having a good phase of life now which I've not experienced before
I'm here for you like pleasant smile in cool breeze
I've surrendered to you myself!

Nee kanti choopulloki | Repeat |

Yedho undhi, yentho undhi soodhi baanaalu guccheti nee roopulo!
Naadhemundhi antha needhi, merugu andhaanniila nee chooputho!
Chicchu pettinaave vecchanaina swaaasalo
Goodu kattinaave guppendantha aasalo
Thellaare udhayalanni neethone modhalaiponi
Nee janma hakkaiponi naa rojullanni!!

Something is there, so much is there in your beauty ( pricking beauty actually)
I don't have any role in that, it is your sight that has enhanced/Sharpened my beauty
You've lit fire in my breath
You made a shelter in my hopes and desires
Let every morning begin with you
Let all my days be yours ( your birth right)

Nee kanti choopulloki | Repeat |

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