Geruaa / Gerua Meaning | गेरुआ

To begin with, Geruaa is a color. The red-ochre color, somewhat reddish, yellowish orange, or a shade of pink to an extent. It comes from the Hindi word geru/ geroo, which means nothing but red ochre, or in some regions, the red soil, which is rich in iron oxides.

However, here the significance of geruaa is a bit different. Geruaa is generally considered a color worn by sages and hermits, and thus, here symbolizes people who have left everything to find the One they are looking for. The word geruaa in the song rang de tu mohe geruaa, thus, gives a kind of sufi touch to the it, as the lovers here want to get colored ‘geruaa' like someone who has left the worldly things, and just be in love.

Btw, the orangish color you see along with the black in the picture below, that is Gerua.

For the translation of the entire song, check THIS LINK.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks for the info.

varunj said...

now I can tell my girlfriend and be smart infront of her

Anonymous said...

Gerua is an Assamese word regularly used meaning Orange.

Anonymous said...

Great. But the spelling is colour and not color. We are not in the US.

Anonymous said...

Galat h yee, gerua mtlb bhains ka pucchh hota hai....(the tail of buffalo is called gerua)

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