Daayre Meaning, Lyrics Translation | Dilwale

Movie: Dilwale
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Arijit Singh
Label: Sony Music India

daayra is an Urdu word which means circle. At the same time it can also mean limit or limitation. daayre is the plural for daayra, and hence can mean circles, limits or limitations. Here in the song daayre from the film Dilwale, it’s used as limitations.

dilon ki mohabbat ko baandhen kyun haaye re
dilon ki mohabbat ko baandhein kyun haye re
daayre.. daayre.. daayray.. daayrey..

Why do they limit the love of hearts,
limitations, ah, these limitations..

hain kyun faasle darmiyaan le ke aaye re,
hain kyun faaslay darmiyan le ke aaye re,
daayre.. daayre.. dayre.. daayrey..

why have they got these distances between us,
limitations, ah, these limitations..

kaanch ke wo khwaab naazuk thay hamaare saare,
chhoone se hi TooTne lage..
mannaton mein umr bhar ka saath jinka maanga
hamsafar wo chhooTne lage..

all those glass dreams of ours were fragile,
they started breaking at the mere touch..
those, whose togetherness I had asked for in prayers,
those companions are getting lost..

naa marnaa munaasib, jiyaa bhi na jaaye re..
na marna munasib, jiya bhi na jaaye re..
dayre.. dayre.. dayre.. dayre..

it doesn’t seem right to die, nor am I able to live..
limitations, ah, these limitations..

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