Tere Mere Saath Jo Hota Hai Lyrics Translation | Lucky Ali

Album: Aks (2000)
Music: Lucky Ali
Lyrics: Aijaz, Amol, Dr Arshil, Mehboob, Aslam, Sandesh, Tanvir Shah [and they have all written for this track, as per credits. :) ]
Singer: Lucky Ali
Label: Sony Music

ruswaai mein wafaai kar ke kar lo intehaai ab

be faithful even when disgraced, and touch the limit (of love)..

sun lo sun lo jaan lo ise ab
sun lo sun lo jaan lo ise ab
sunoh. sunoh.
mohabbat zamaane mein maasoomon ki hai sab
sunoh. sunoh.
jaano ise pehechano ise
insaan hain hum ab maano ise

listen, listen and know this now.
listen. hear.
love in this world belongs to all the innocent.
listen. listen.
know this and recognize this,
now believe this, that we are humans.

duniya duniya jhooThi duniya le aayi tabaahi ab (sunoh, sunoh)
yeh tera mera mera tera le aaye judaai ab (sunoh, sunoh)
jaano ise pehchano ise
insaan hain hum ab maano ise

this false world has brought about ruin,
this fight of what’s yours and what’s mine has brought differences.
know this and recognize this,
now believe this, that we are humans.

haaye re mohabbat, tu reh gayi anjaani
ye deewani jawaani, tujhe nahi pehechaani
tune jag ko bhaaya*, sab ko tune samjhaaya
sab ne ki manmaani, tujhe nahi pehechaani

O love, you have remained unknown,
this crazy youth hasn’t understood you.
you liked this world, you explained to everyone,
but everyone did what they liked, and didn’t recognize you.

pal do pal ki duniya saari
ae musafir chalta jaa
chalte chalte raahon mein tu
pyaar mohabbat baanTe jaa
aayega kal khushiyon waala
teri haqeeqat tu jaane, royenge sab anjaane
miTTi mein sab mil jaayega, sirf pyaar reh jaayega

this whole world is there for a moment or two,
O traveller, just keep walking.
and while walking,
keep giving away love on the paths..
the tomorrow of joys will come..
you know your truth, those who don’t know theirs will cry
everything will turn into earth, and only love will remain..

tere mere saath jo hota hai,
baat samajh main aati nahin,
tere mere saath jo hota hai,
sab ke saath wo hota nahin,
jab saara jag hi sota hai,
phir neend hamein kyun aati nahin

things that happen with you and me,
I don’t understand it.
things that happen with you and me,
it doesn’t happen with everybody.
when the whole world sleeps,
why don’t we feel sleepy..

intezar main deri ho par zaroor aaye,
is bahaane ab mera chaand le ke noor aaye.

let there be delay while waiting, but it should come for sure,
and with this excuse, my moon brings the light with it..

kuch lamhon ke liye hain yahaan zaroor.
koi bhi raha nahin yahaan pe bekasoor,
jab duniya ko dekhoon lage sab rangeen,
sachcha bhi hai jhooTha bhi hai, khushi gham yaheen.

we are certainly here for a few moments,
but no one ever remained here without faults.
when I see the world, it all seems colorful,
there is the true, the lying, there is joy and sorrow all here.

dil waalo ne, sahi maano dil diya hoga,
dil waalon ne, kuch aisa hi kiya hoga.

the big hearted ones, believe me, must have given their hearts really.
the big hearted ones must have done something like that.

karta nahin main tujh se koi dillagi,
achchha hoon ya bura hoon, main hoon yoon hi sahi,
pyaar tera chaaha main ne dil de diya.
tujh se bichhaD ke mein jaoongaa kahaan..

I don’t joke with you on this.
whether I am good or bad, I am fine here.
I wanted your love, so I gave you my heart.
where would I go if I get away from you.

intezaar main deri ho par zaroor aaye,
is bahaney ab mera chaand leke noor aaye..

A O A A,
A O A A,

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