Agar Tum Na Hote Lyrics Translation | Kishore Kumar

Movie: Agar Tum Na Hote
Music: R D Burman
Lyrics: Gulshan Bavra
Singer: Kishore Kumar
Label: Sony Music India

hamein aur jeene ki
chaahat na hoti
agar tum na hote
agar tum na hote

I would have had
no wish to live any further,
had you not been there,
had you not been there.

tumhein dekh ke to
lagtaa hai aise
bahaaron kaa mausam
aaya ho jaise.
dikhaayi na deti
andheron mein jyoti,
agar tum na hote,
agar tum na hote.

looking at you
it feels like
the season
of spring has come.
I'd never see light
in these darknesses,
had you not been there.

hamein jo tumhaaraa
sahaara na miltaa
bhanwar mein hi rehte,
kinaara na miltaa
kinaare pe bhi to,
leher aa Duboti,
agar tum na hote,
agar tum na hote...

had I not got
your support,
I'd have been remained in the whirlpool only,
I'd never have reached the shore.
Had I even reached the shore,
some wave would have come and drowned me,
had you not been there.

naa jaane kyun dil se,
aawaaz aayi,
milan se hai baRh ke,
tumhaari judaai.
in aankhon ke aansoo,
na kehlaate moti,
agar tum na hote,
agar tum naa hote...

I don't know why
this voice came from the heart,
that your separation
is bigger than our union.
the tears of my eyes,
would never have been called pearls,
had you not been there,
had you not been there...

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