The Concept and Meaning of Do Jahaan or Two Worlds

In Hindi songs we often hear the phrase 'do jahaan', which literally translates to 'two worlds'. This is something of a religious concept from the point of view where one thinks that there is a world other than this world too, where we live after death. So the 'two worlds' are nothing but one world that we live in, and another world that is expected after we are no more in this world.

Mostly the phrase 'do jahaan' is used to signify eternity, in which one includes time after one's death as well.

The concept can be seen used in the song 'wo mere do jahaan saath le gaya' from Haider, and Be-intehaa from Race 2, in the line 'baahon mein teri aa ke jahaan do yoon simatne lage'.

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