Lagdi Hai Thaai Lyrics Translation | Simran

Movie: Simran
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Vayu
Singers: Guru Randhawa, Jonita Gandhi
Music Label: T-Series

It seems for many people there is a confusion about the word Thai here. It's not Thai as in someone from Thailand, but Thaai, or Thaayn, like the sound of a gunshot.

madam ji desi
fashion vilayti
boli mein gholi
meeThi elaichi
heelein oonchi foreign return nakhra
baatein baRi hain hi-fi
pighla piya pe attitude wakhra
jhoome aise na roki jaaye

this madam is local,
and the fashion she is into is foreign,
she talks with a flavor
of sweet cardamom dissolved in her voice
high heels and tantrums of those returned from foreign.
her talks are very high standard.
my different attitude is all melted for the beloved.
she dances such that she cannot be stopped.

oh jaddon nache baby saj dhaj
lagdi hai Thaayn...

when she dances with all makeup and adornments,
she looks sharp like a gunshot.

maandho mhaaro chhokro
ne sundar thaari chhori
laage sabnu ehu jaise
rab ne bana di joRi

my boy is sweet*
and your girl is beautiful.
everyone feels that
it's a match made in the heaven. (lit. fixed by God)

doodho nahaao phoolo phalo tum
LED jaisi karna glow tum

bathe in milk, progress in life,
and glow like an LED light.

sabki duaa hai ye naseeb rakhna re
joRi sadaa ye muskuraye
maaike ki photo ik kareeb rakhna
aisa na ho ke bhooli jaaye jaaye jaaye...

it's everyone's blessing, that you have such luck
that this couple always be happy.
keep a photo of your parents' home with you,
lest you should forget that (home and your relatives)...

oh jadon nache baby saj dhaj
lagdi hai Thaai...

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