Bhula de Darr / Mat Kar Lyrics Translation | Star Bharat Campaign

As Star India re-launches its Life OK (earlier Star One) as Star Bharat, they have come up with a nice campaign that shows how we are suggested not to try new things, which instils fear in long term too. Here are the lyrics of the catchy song. The song can be heard at Hotstar.

mat kar, mat kar,
mat kar, mat kar,
mat kar, mat kar...

hey, don't.

abhi tu mat kar
are tu mat kar
tu pachhtaayegaa, mat kar,
hai risky dhandha, mat kar,
ye maanglik hai na le panga
agar tujhko rehna changa
kuchh nayaa mat kar, mat kar,
kuchh bhalaa mat kar, mat kar,

as of now, don't.
oh, you don't do it.
you'll regret later, don't do it.
it's a risky thing, don't do it.
this one is unlucky*, don't take a risk,
if you want to remain in good health.
don't do anything new.
don't do anything good.

ye tera fashion mat kar,
hai mera tension, mat kar,
ye ta ta thaiyya, mat kar,
hansegi duniya tujh par.

this fashion of yours, don't do it.
it's my tension, don't do it.
this dance, don't do it,
the world will laugh at you.
(as the dance form shown there is usually performed by women, and here a boy was trying to learn the steps.)

lage jab tere dil mein aag
sun le India ka 'mat kar' raag,
dil se kuchh mat kar,
dil se kuchh mat kar...

when there is a fire in your heart,
listen to the 'don't do' raga of the people,
do nothing that your heart wishes to do.

yehi to paidaa kartaa Darr...

this is what creates Fear...

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