Andhadhun Title Song Lyrics Translation | Raftaar

Movie: Andhadhun [Meaning]
Music: Raftaar, Girish Nakod
Lyrics: Raftaar, Girish Nakod
Singer: Raftaar
Label: Zee Music Company

shaq ne sabko jakRa hai
sach ne sabko pakRa hai
bachna sabka mushkil hai
sabka sabse lafRa hai

doubt has gripped everyone,
truth has caught everyone.
it's tough for anyone to get away,
everyone has an issue with everyone.

havaa mein sabko Tune dikhe
seene pe naakhoon dikhe
din mein sabko moon dikhe
jab andhe ko bhi khoon dikhe
andha bole maine dekha
andhe ki na sun...

everyone finds a tune in the air,
they see nail-marks on the chest,
everyone can see the moon in the day,
when even the blind man can see a murder.
the blind one says I saw,
don't listen to him.

baaje re, baaje re, baaje re
baaje re andhadhun

the blind tune plays.

iski qismat likhni hai
jaldi se tu chalk la
likh ke miTaa doonga
aur tu payega rok na
iska ab khoon choosna hai
jaldi se jonk la
system ka na Dar hai
kyuki system poora khokhla

His fate is to be written,
go, get the chalk quickly,
I'll write and rub it away,
you'll not be able to stop me.
I have to drink his blood now,
go, get leech quickly,
I have no worry of the system,
because the system is all hollow.

aankhon pe paTTi
dhool aur maTTi
koi na bhaunkega
maine Daal di sabko haDDi

(the law) is blindfolded,
there is dirt in its eyes.
No one will bark,
I've thrown a bone to all.

room mein karlo khoon
arey kanoon ko kaun batayega
kanoon ke paas jo jayega
wo andhaa hoke aayega

commit a murder in the room,
who'll go tell the law?
Whoever goes to the law,
will come back blinded.

baaje re andhadhun

the blind tune plays.

lukka chhipi, aankh michauli
khel ye aisa hona hai
gol gol duniya hai
chhipne ka naa koi kona hai
aankh meech kar doodh piye
billi samjhe sab andhe hain
duniya dekh ke hansti hai
sab jaanein gande dhandhe hain
band aankh band munh
kar kaan khaRe tu bhi ye sun

hide and seek,
that's how this game is.
This world is round,
there are no corners to hide in.
As she drinks milk with her eyes closed,
the cat thinks everyone is blind.
The world looks and laughs,
everyone knows these are such bad jobs.
close your eyes and mouth,
open your ears and listen carefully.

baaje re, baaje re, baaje re
baaje re andhadhun

the blind tune plays.

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