Chalte-Chalte Lyrics Translation | Mitron / Atif Aslam

Movie: Mitron (2018)
Music: Tanishk Bagchi (Original song: Ghulam Mohammed)
Original Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi, New Lyrics: Tanishk Bagchi
Singer: Atif Aslam
Label: Saregama Music

ye chehre ishq na jaanein
ye parde haTaa deti hai
jahaan dil ka hai Thikana
ye raahein bataa deti hai

These faces don't know love,
it removes the veils away.
It tells the paths,
where the destination of the heart is.

(I'm guessing the reference here is mohabbat, that is, love. Though I kind of didn't understand the lines properly, despite the simple words.)

musaafir main hoon phir bhi
manzil paas tu hai
chaloon main jis raah par
tu hai wahaan

I'm a traveler,
yet, you, the destination, is with me.
the path I take,
you are there.

yoonhi koi mil gaya tha
sare raah chalte chalte

as I was walking,
I met someone, just like that.
on the path...

tumse mila jo pehli dafaa
aankhon ko sukoon milaa
qareeb mere tu jo huaa
safar ko kaarwaan mila

when I met you, for the first time,
my eyes found peace.
when you came close to me,
this journey got a convoy, a co-traveller...

tu mere paas hai phir bhi
bas ik baat to hai
chalein do saansein alag par
ik hai wajah...

you are with me,
still, there is one thing.
these are two different persons breathing,
but the reason (for them to breathe) is one.

chalte chalte..
yoonhi koi mil gaya tha
sare raah chalte chalte...

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